Friday, 18 April 2014

@50cent Featuring @joethomas4real Big Rich Town

#50Cent at The Breakfast Club must watch interview

Kindred The Family Soul - "Everybody's Hustling" #SOULMUSIC

A-FS 201-973 @DabarTazadaq Come Get It (Official Video) #LAX

@DresBlacksheep @REALDJPREMIER #BarsintheBooth - Dres (Session 2)

@therealreks @HazardisSoundz “Hold Your Applause” #video

@artdrugsnirvana The Minimalist #freedownload #instrumenatls

This is the 10th project from "Retro The Skywalker". He's a producer from The Ark, DE bka as Newark, Delaware. He's been making beats for 3 years now. Retro has produced for some underground artists within that time frame. He took a much needed break from beatmaking in between his last project and this one. "The Minimalist" is just that, minimalism. Inspired by production of Roc Marciano and Tony Mahoney, "The Minimalist" has pretty much nothing but minimalist production. The beats often only have a handful of layers, no hooks, but will still keep your head nodding the whole time and won't seem repetitious or mundane at all. You'll see. \ Follow @artdrugsnirvana