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CAMEEN #RNB Singer @Cameen23 @beatsrymesblog

Born Cameen Matthew Copeland March 23, in Brooklyn, New York to an African American mother  before later moving to the suburbs of  New Hampshire. Cameen became interested in music at an early age. He was able to develop his singing ability while working closely with his cousin, prolific jazz session bass player William Allen. As a teenager Cameen’s interest gravitated towards sports. This would lead to his sharing of co-mvp honors in New Hampshire’s High School State Soccer Championship, as well as garnering a position on the all tournament 2nd team.
Shortly there after Cameen would attend St.John’s University of Queens, New York. However, due to an untimely incident, which would leave him slightly impaired. His stay at St. John’s would be cut short. He then returned to New Hampshire where he received his Bachelors degree in Marketing and Sociology from Rivier College. Upon graduating Cameen started a business entitled CKC Entertainment Group LLC/CC Elite Urban Wear. The company freely promotes social events, product branding, their own Clothing line and special charities of all kinds.
Cameen’s love of music never stopped. And, in 2009 he would collaborate with a group of other highly inspired artist. Unfortunately, it never amounted to much. He then decided to take some time off to focus on writing and learning more about the business aspect of the music industry. This would ultimately lead to the July 2010 album release entitled “ Cameen.”
Coming off the success of “Cameen” and determined to create even more of a buzz. Cameen began spreading his company paraphernalia (Tee shirts, Baseball caps, Sport Tags, CDs, Posters and Bags) throughout New England and down south. This activity created a whirlwind amongst his fans, who were then asking for more. It would eventually lead to Cameen’s Sophomore album entitled “LuvJoy”, which was re-released Aug 7th. It, “luvJoy” clearly depicts Cameen’s lifelong connection to Urban R&B and Jazz. And, the sense of style, melody, deep emotional songwriting, and memorable hooks make “LuvJoy”, an incredibly dynamic album to listen to. Two of the albums most notable singles, “Play”, and “Get It On-Remix”, are currently burning up the radio and club airwaves, and can be listened to and purchased here on the website along with other bonus material.  Currently Cameen is working on material for his third release and preparing for his 2012 tour. Each month until June/July 2012 he will release a snip-it of a each single that will be part of his next release. Please stay tuned for more…….
July 2012.
The release of the EP entitled ” The Next Level “, has been a major  success. Four of the six singles, My Wisdom, Go Away, Do You Wanna & Arrogant ” Cuz I Can ” have done extremely well in the clubs and on radio stations. The single which truly has people buzzing is ” My Wisdom ”  .  Cameen takes you there with his vocals and his lyrical depiction of a woman of the world! If you haven’t already heard it. Go to iTunes and listen to the sample.. Simply type in The Next Level by Cameen. The sample will definitely make you want to listen to the entire song…Since releasing the EP, which I have to admit, is volumes above his last release.  Cameen has embarked on a number of  performance opportunities in Canada, Atlanta and New York City. And he’s received multiple publishing offers. This Ep is definitely one that can be listened to from top to bottom. You will enjoy it!

@FarrahBurns Hip Hop Tribute New York State of Mind Farrah Burns Presents 7th Element

Trey Billie ft. Waju - She Love's Me Not

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CG - 40 Days and 40 Nights #Yizzo @beatsrymesblog #uk

Act I of the 3 chapter short film directed by CG based off of his album EGO2: Eat. Love. Pray. Available for download at Follow @iAm_CG and @TeamYizzo.
Shot by Josh Prosser, Dolo Brown, and Adrian Andrade. Song produced by @5thElament with vocals by Ethan White. Written and Directed by CG.

Prince Pin – We Nuh Tek Disrespect – @beatsrymesblog

Artist: Prince Pin
[Song]: WI NUH TEK DISRESPECT (Official HD Music Video)
Director: J.Dash
[Release Date]: Dec 2012

For Bookings and Info Contact
Skype: Cross.Cris
BBM: 293A7B74
Mobile: (876) 3695596