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Jamaican Female Entertainer, Baby Tash is one of the fresh new talents that is pushing dancehall into the 21st century. Smart. Talented. Bubbly. Athletic. Baby Tash projects the threat that she can derail anything. No matter the obstacle, the sexy ‘Dancehall Goddess’ will not be stopped. A graduate of the Jonathan Grant High School, where she was Deputy Head Girl, Prefect, Student Council President, Vice President of 4-H club and Secretary of Key Club, Tashon Williams — as she was christened — was born and raised in Spanish Town with her mom and two siblings.Baby Tash is an entertainment veteran. She has made a lasting impact on almost every major competition held in the performing arts — from the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival, Tastee Talent Contest, Digicel Rising Stars to Dancing Dynamites. She was also crowned Miss Jonathan Grant "Brains and Beauty Pageant" and (DB&G) Annual Talent contest winner – just to name a few. Upon being awarded the "Most Talented’ in the Miss Sandals Pageant, the MC announced "This contestant deserves a recording contract"- in reference to Baby Tash. She had written a song about Sandals and gave an energetic and memorable performance, receiving thunderous cheers and screams from the audience. Then, it was exactly five months later, May 2008, that Baby Tash signalled that she was ready to place her hands firmly on the axle of her destiny and become a bonafide star. Baby Tash was catapulted into the spotlight when she emerged winner of a popular television talent show, Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition. It was the start of an exciting journey of exploration and discovery in the music industry. Baby Tash first took advantage of the rabid media attention she received during the competition. The humble young lady from Dallas Lane was now being featured in Buzz Magazine, every local newspaper and television entertainment shows. In the blink of an eye "Baby Tash" has become a household name to Jamaicans. She voiced her first single "Mix Up", produced by the experienced Cordell ‘Scatta’ Burrell. The video was directed by highly sought-after, award-winning director, Jay Will. It was nominated for the coveted Hype TV Video of the Year Award for 2008.
Since then, she has ignited stages across Jamaica with her spunky, high energy performances, doing memorable stints on such shows as Manchester Fiesta, GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza, Stone Love Anniversary, Teen Splash, Mavado’s Album Launch and Birthday Bash and Fully Loaded. She has been able to generate a large underground following.

Late 2009, Baby Tash was approached by Khool International Booking Agency and they decided to work as a team. She soon created waves with the saucy radio hit, "Facebook". The breakout smash became a big hit, early 2010, among teenyboppers who were getting hooked to the popular social networking site. "Facebook" began climbing charts in Canada and the Caribbean. Her video received tremendous rotation, and she landed on the RJR Cross Country Invasion tour. During this tour, she honed her performance skills, wowing audiences with her sassy dance moves and crystal clear delivery. She received great feedbacks on other singles such as "Nah Bleach" and "Nuh Diss From Nuh Bwoy". The Sagittarian, however, had to take a brief hiatus from the business to refocus her creative energies.
In 2011, re-energised, by a strong management team, Baby Tash began working with top flight producers including Handel Tucker, Kirk Bennett, Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell and Colin 'Bulby' York. Her new singles scorching the airwaves include "Summer Body" and "Can you Keep Up"
Baby Tash’s future looks quite promising and her sizzling singles are already generating major buzz in North America, Australia and Latin America, London and here is the contact details for Baby Tash

Telephone (876) 402-0350, (876) 558-4101, (876) 576 6194

Tha General speaks, this is a artist we have added in the later part of last year in our rotation and we have seen her grow from strength to strength also watch out for some big riddims featuring baby tash which u can hear below        

also more hot joints coming ur way watch out for her in 2012

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Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer whose music is best described as “Sweet Soul”. A native New Yorker born to Jamaican parents, Rachel was exposed to a variety of musical influences at an early age, helping to cultivate her love and talent for the performing arts. Rachel has performed at a number of popular and historic New York City venues such as The Apollo Theatre and Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar.
Most recently, Rachel toured as 1/3 of the legendary Soul/Funk group Sister Sledge on the Disco Funk Tour De France 2010 as well as the 80’s Rewind Tour in the United Kingdom with several legendary UK bands in addition to headliners and legends in their own right, Kool & The Gang. In December of 2010, Rachel made her international television debut as a member of Sister Sledge on The “I Miglion Ann” Live TV show in Rome, Italy and she was named “On Point” artist in SpokenVizions Magazine’s Winter 2010 issue. In 2011, Rachel performed with Sister Sledge for Festival Mawazine in Rabat Morocco, The Music & Arts Festival in Beirut, Lebanon and The Euro Games in Rotterdam. She continues to draw creative strength and inspiration from her travels across the globe experiencing new ideas, people, sounds and cultures.
“Walk With Me” is the 2009 debut release from Rachel Walker. The set offers an eclectic and harmonious blend of classic R&B music infused with sophisticated jazz and hip-hop influences. Rachel’s vivid storytelling and sultry vocals take audiences on an impassioned journey of relationships, love, pain and hope. Rachel will touch the hearts, minds and spirits of diverse audiences across the globe with her music and passion for love and life.

Tha General's thoughts,
Since adding Rachels music to my dj box I must admit she has created a beautiful stir to the soul comunity and I can't wait for the new ep to drop, better still listen to a track coming off the the new ep below enjoy and spread the love..

"Walk With Me" available on iTunes and CD Baby:

Check out Rachel's debut Video, "Another Story", here
RaeMelRocksWell Music Publishing

Dancehall and Reggae videos for October 2011





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Benzly Hype

In life there are people who are born to be innovators and creators, people who seem to be genetically designed and programmed to seek out initiatives and generate life changing opportunities even in the midst of the most dire of situations.

Hemsley Ainsley Coleman Morris Jr. better known as Benzly Hype!!! is one such individual. Son of once popular Jamaican Musician and Balladeer Ainsley Morris he has definitely followed and out run his fathers foot steps.

He humbly embodies the sole of a creative genius, one who has masterfully crafted his talents as not only a hit producer, musician and performer but also as a screen writer / actor / TV program producer and entrepreneur.

The rough unforgiving streets of Kingston, Jamaica particularly the Red Hills Rd. area served as the playground responsible for shaping young Benzly Hype’s!!! future. Initially a student of the classical arts who has been playing instruments like the piano and guitar since age 4, Benzly became magnetized when he discovered the awe-inspiring power of dancehall music.

His thirst for musical happiness lead young Benzly on a journey through the gully’s and trenches of Kingston City, a journey that inevitably created the foundation he needed for the hype world of dancehall. Through his journey he formed alliances with La Benz sound system where he was an equipment crew member aka ‘box boy’ who later turned selector then DJ. This proved to be a launch pad for his performing career, as he soon became an opening act for Spragga Benz and various people of the Benzspeculous crew. However before becoming hugely popular young Benzly, began learning the art of sound recording at the coveted Celestial Sounds Recording Studio during his off time from school and La Benz. There he was given the opportunity to gain vital hands on experience which later resulted in him recording numerous audio sessions and writing songs for a variety of artistes such as Beenie Man, Merciless, Frisco Kid and Cecile just to name a few.

His hard work, patience, sacrifice and determination would eventually pay off in the late 90’s, that’s when 17 year old Benzly Hype!!! shot to stardom as a leading member of dancehall’s first ever lyrical quartet, Innocent Kru. Originally started as a group amongst friends they managed to top both local and international charts with hits like Impossible Train, Turn It Up, Not Guilty and Wogga Wogga. Together with Benzly Hype!!! Innocent Kru single handedly revolutionized the manner in which dancehall was being produced.

His enormous appetite for knowledge and success combined with his undying thirst for originality has helped to garner much respect from many industry legends, such as Sly Dunbar of the legendary musical duo Sly and Robbie, and dancehall beat masters Steelie & Clevie. With much tutelage from these icons, Benzly Hype!!! stands dominant in a class by himself.

So dominant is his force that he has arguably made one of the most successful crosses from music into acting ever seen in the history of Jamaican television. With the creation of ‘Me And Mi Kru’ a television comedy series for which he not only plays the lead but is also the creator, writer and producer has created shockwaves since it’s debut early 2009. At the end of it’s first season ‘Me And Mi Kru’ became the most anticipated TV program to hit Jamaica in 15 years. Inspired by the real life experiences of Benzly Hype!!! it is transmitted to over 2 million homes via local TV station CVM TV 3 times per week. The show is now going into its Third season and has transcended Jamaican borders to Africa and the rest of the Caribbean, he recently signed a syndication deal with the U.S via Comcast Network which boast over 10million viewers through out the Tristate area.

With a host of knowledge, a wealth of experience and a heart that refuses to stop Benzly Hype!!! continues his never ending fight of bringing good wholesome entertainment back to the lives of people while being a positive role model for his peers.

"I want the youths to have some hope, because really and truly options for the youths of Jamaica are limited. So if they observe me doing what I’m doing they could say to themselves, well if Hype!!! can do that then I should be able to do the same or greater. That’s what I thought when I was growing up and looking up to my father, we are roll models we can’t hide from it."

Benzly Hype!!! is always working and coming up with new innovative ways to entertain people, currently with various projects in the pipeline Benzly says he will continue to stay grounded and never stop pushing the envelope and redefining what is possible thus Making History!!!


Contact info
Cleveland Browne

Marvin "Wacko" Jackson

Hype! Enterprizes

Web Pages :


there u go three songs to enjoy he is not just a artist he is a movement HHHHyyyyppppeeeee!!!!!.

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MIXTAPE - neo soul - soul -funk-music-100% no dilution VOL1 the mixtape listen now...

Go to the link to listen a sample of the tape now.

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Cesar Comanche

Cesar Comanche is one of the founding emcees of North Carolina's critically acclaimed hip-hop crew, The Justus League. Comanche, originally from Jacksonville, NC, began writing rhymes in 1994, but didn't pursue rhyming as a career until 1996 his second year of college. In that same year, he met budding producer and fellow NC State student 9th Wonder for the first time, and began doing live performances and recording songs.

After a few years of perfecting his craft, Comanche along with 9th Wonder, organized their fellow friends and rap artists in the Triangles hip-hop scene and started the Justus League Crew in 1999. Since then, he has performed with Tha Liks, The Coup, Hieroglyphics, Z-Man, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Supastition, Faust & Shortee, Wordsworth, Kardinal Official, DJ Dez, DJ Houseshoes, Aceyalone, O.C., Louis Logic, Malay Sparks, Ghettosocks and many others.

In addition to touring USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, Sweden, England, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, and Croatia and performing with Little Brother and the rest of the Justus League, Comanche has appeared on television shows such as Time Warner Cable's Music Choice Rap Channel, Hip Hop Nation (NBC), Distortion 2 Static (WB Network), and Little Brother's "You Hear It First" segment on MTV2. He has also been featured in several videos, most notably, his own "Hands High", and "Lamb to Lion" video which won a "Most Creative Atmosphere" award from the University of Chapel Hill.

Comanche has independently released two solo albums on his own Defenders of the Free World imprint (2000's Wooden Nickels and 2002's Paper Gods) and with Blues Interactions (2005's Squirrel and The Aces The Japan Tour) with ABB Records (2005's Squirrel and The Aces also 2009's Die In Your Lap) and with Beathut Records (2006's Wooden Nickels Revisited) and has appeared on Little Brother's "The Listening" LP, Edgar Allen Floe's "True Links" LP, featured in the theme song This Side of the River of the Princeville, NC Documentary, Away Team, Legacy, and 9th Wonder's "National Mayhem" Triple album, Eternia's "Its Called Life" LP, the Justus League's "NC State of Mind Vol. 1" mixtape, the Hall of Justus' "Singles Files" mixtape, and many other projects. He is now completing DJ Flash's and his new album called Itch Remedy.



* "Wooden Nickels" (2000)
*" Paper Gods" (2002)
* "Squirrel and The Aces: The Japan Tour" (2005)
* "Squirrel and The Aces" (2005)
* "Wooden Nickels Revisited" (2006)
* "Die In Your Lap" (2009)
* "Itch Remedy" (2011)


* "The Listening" by Little Brother (2002)
* "NC State of Mind" by Justus League (2003)
* "City Lights" by Nicolay (2004)
* "Single Files" by DJ Flash (2004)
* "Hub City Revival" by DJ KO (2004)
* "Mixology" by DJ Fuzz (2004)
* "Streetwise LP" by Edgar Allen Floe (2004)
* "Real Shit" by Djimon (2005)
* "Bakers Dozen" by ABB Records (2005)
* "It's Called Life" by Eternia (2005)
* "The Dream Merchant Vol. 1" by 9th Wonder (2005)
*" This Side of the River Documentary" - Princeville Soundtrack (2006)
* "Simbiosis" by El Cerebro (2007)
* "Freakshow Vol. 1 - Tales of the Traveling Tunes" by Pop Shuvit (2007)
* "Mixology 2" by DJ Fuzz (2008)
* "The Beat Bandit" by Keri The Beat Bandit (2009)
* "Treat of the Day" by Ghettosocks (2009)
* "Gdzie Jest Vibe?" by Boomer & Ask (2010)

Engineering Credits

* "Paper Gods" by Cesar Comanche (2002)
* "Lamb to Lion Video" by Cesar Comanche (2003)
* "Mixology" by DJ Fuzz (2004)
* "Squirrel and The Aces: The Japan Tour" by Cesar Comanche (2005)
* "Squirrel and The Aces" by Cesar Comanche (2005)
* "Chain Letters" by Supastition (2005)
* "Monkey Barz" by Sean Price (2005)
* "Chemistry" by Buckshot & 9th Wonder (2005)
* "Reloaded" by Smif-n-Wessun (2005)
* "This Side of the River" [Documentary] - Princeville Soundtrack (2006)
* "Simbiosis" El Cerebro (2007)
* "Median's Relief" by Median (2007)
* "Freakshow Vol. 1 - Tales of the Traveling Tunes" Pop Shuvit (2007)
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* "The Beat Bandit" by Keri The Beat Bandit (2009)
* "Treat of the Day" by Ghettosocks (2009)
* "Lamb to Lion 2 Trailer" [Video] by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* "Lamb to Lion 2" [Video] by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* "Kaleidoscope" by Azon Blaze (2011)
* "Itch Remedy" by Cesar Comanche & DJ Flash (2011)

Videos Apperances

* "Speed" by Little Brother (2002)
* "Lamb to Lion" by Cesar Comanche (2003)
* "Shinning" by Away Team (2005)
* "Hands High" by Cesar Comanche (2008)
* "Lamb to Lion 2 Trailer" by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* "Lamb to Lion 2" by Cesar Comanche (2010)
* "Many Microphones" by Actual Proof (2010)
* "The Phantom of the Jamla" by Sean Boog (2011)







  • two songs second song of the new project itch remedy

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    Julie Dexter

    "..listening to Julie Dexter is like falling in love.."

    "Sensational yet subtle. A singer to die for who creates an urgent need for superlatives yet to be invented."

    Meet Julie Dexter, a world renowned, award winning, British vocalist considered by many to be one of the most influential female vocalists of our generation. Having shared the spotlight with a host of cutting-edge artists, including Mint Condition, Jill Scott, Bilal, Omar, Loose Ends, Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi, Eric Roberson and Raheem DeVaughn to name a few, Julie not only holds up her own with them but has been praised and respected by them too.

    Born and raised in Birmingham, England, this classically trained artist composes and arranges her own music. Influenced by legends such as Nancy Wilson, Abbey Lincoln, and Bob Marley, as well as popular icons Omar and Sade, Julie takes classic soul to the heart of Artistry

    Fans and critics across the globe have followed her journey through the circles of Jazz, Broken-Beat, Bossa-Nova, Reggae, Afro-Beat and Soul. Her dynamic voice was first heard in 1994 on "The Jamaican Beat" Vol 1 with Jazz Jamaica then later in 1997 on Dune Records' release of J-Life, a European Jazz quintet formed by Gary Crosby and led by Jason Yarde. She later toured several continents with Jazz legend Courtney Pine as the lead vocalist for his ensemble.

    It was in 1999 that Julie took a leap of faith and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she now resides. She launched her own label, Ketch A Vibe Records and in 2000 released the critically acclaimed EP Peace of Mind, followed by Dexterity (2002) , and Conscious (2005). Moon Bossa, a collaboration with Khari Simmons was released in 2007 and her single "Ketch A Vibe" was featured in national radio ads for Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama.

    From Jazz to World Music, Soul and beyond, Julie Dexter is one of an elite few whose talent can transcend genres. She makes it all work on her own terms, as an audaciously independent artist with an undeniable connection to her audience.

    Her latest anticipated project with Chicago's own Producer/DJ Steve "Miggedy" Maestro entitled 'New Again" is due for release April 26th 2011. Don’t miss the experience of Julie Dexter. Be a part of a tradition of great music. In the words of her smash single 'Ketch A Vibe', ‘Don’t let it pass you by...Ketch [Julie Dexter’s] Vibe’...

                                                                       New Julie Dexter Album

                                                                                              New Again
                                                                                                     available on itunes
    julie dexter - 10 Melanin (Beautiful People) mp3. soul music taken off the cd Come on home
    Julie Links

    Snippets from New Again You Tube preview

    julie facebook fan page

    julie myspace

    julie twitter

    julie reverbnation

    julie youtube

    Julie music available on itunes

    Julie on Amazon

    Julie on CDBaby

    julie dexter live in london

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    Hip-hop is now the most powerful & well-known musical genre in the world. To some rappers it’s just a way to make money & become famous. To other rappers it’s a way of life. The best rappers in the world eat, sleep, and breathe hip-hop from an early age and they live and learn through the experiences of life and turn it into their own musical journey. This is the case when it comes to Kev Turner.

    Kev Turner was born & raised in Philadelphia during the 80’s/90’s era. In a neighborhood where respect is earned and not given, Kev Turner figured he would use the art of hip hop to make him stand out from the rest. Kev Turner began rapping at the age of 10 and has been going non-stop ever since then. His music influences include everything from Jazz to Motown to 80’s classic rock to 90’s hardcore hip-hop.

    Kev Turner was first heard on Chops presents "Virtuosity" album released in 2004 on Goodvibe Recordings. The album featured Raekwon, Kanye West, & Talib Kweli just to name a few. Kev Turner is also becoming a well know artist in places such as Germany, the UK, & Africa. His witty flow makes him stand out amongst other rappers & catches the ears of many listeners’ young and old.

    In August of 2010 Kev Turner released his album "Soul City Music" produced by Detayl from Chicago. His 90’s boom bap style has the classic hip hop sound, but, yet & still, also has a kind of commercial appeal to it, which is a very odd yet acceptable and preferable combination amongst many hip hop enthusiasts. Kev Turner tweeted the album link to Statik Selektah on twitter and the rest is history. Statik Selektah immediately cosigned the album saying "I don’t usually listen to links that rappers send me on twitter, but I’m glad I listened to this one. Its good to finally hear some good hip hop."

    Kev Turner is constantly working on music on a day-to-day basis. He does quite well for an artist that does everything by himself for the most part. Besides make the beats, and I think he’s getting good at that too! Kev Turner is a rare breed of emcee and I would advise everyone that loves good music to check him out. I promise it will be a pleasurable listening experience. Folllow him here

    Follow Kev Turner on Twitter - @kevteezy

    Follow Detayl on Twitter - @taylamadesoul

    Download "Soul City Music" for free and Kev Turner’s other free music at

    check this jjoint the definition

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    GORDON CHAMBERS - Sincere the cd out now

    New York, 2011
    - After amassing an impressive collection of prestigious awards and penning hit songs for some of R&B’s most iconic legends such as Anita Baker, Beyonce, Usher, Brownstone, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Patti Labelle, and The Isley Brothers, esteemed Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Gordon Chambers is on the precipice of yet another exciting milestone in his career as a recording artist with the release of his third solo album, Sincere. Featuring production by
    The BeatBanggahz (Kenny Lattimore, Trey Songz, J. Holiday); A. Jermaine Mobley (Music Soulchild, Lalah Hathaway, Carl Thomas, Eric Roberson), and Chambers himself—alongside flavorful newcomers Darien Dorsey, Blake Melodius and Mike Severson, Sincere effortlessly melds a pop/ R&B sound with a classic soul aesthetic that is certain to surprise and delight contemporary R&B fans and soul enthusiasts alike.

    Recorded in New York City, the album flaunts a fresh, new approach to Chambers’ trademark songwriting style. "I have songs that have come to be known as the traditional Gordon Chambers sound," he explains. "What I do is a very mature, crafted kind of storytelling with big harmonies. But sometimes that sounds more interesting when it’s juxtaposed with something with a different rhythmic edge." In direct contrast to his critically acclaimed 2005 debut Introducing Gordon Chambers and its dynamic follow up Love Stories (2007)—which featured the adult contemporary hit duet "To Love Again" with four-time Grammy-nominee Ledisi--lyrically Sincere embodies a more in-depth, up-close and personal tone that captures a rare vulnerable side of Chambers. "Love Stories was a different kind of album in such that it was me being a songwriter reflecting on love and relationships. Sincere is much more honest. I’m a very sincere person and artist. A lot of people feel like a lot of music is focused on the selling of an image rather than what’s in a person’s heart."

    The album is the result of Chambers employing a decidedly democratic approach to the creative process. "I didn’t have a premeditated vision for the album," he admits. "For me, the process of making this album was more like being a curator: taking the pieces and elements around me to pastiche them together and tell a story." In sharing the reigns of creative control, the creation of the album proved to be somewhat of a watershed moment for Chambers. "This time, I let the production team take control—especially Darien Dorsey, who produced four songs for me. Even though I was older and more experienced than the producers on this album, they were not so in awe of me that they couldn’t direct the sessions in the right direction." The result is a melodic 12-track opus with a young, vibrant energy and sound all its own. Coinciding with this change in musical direction, Chambers also witnessed tremendous growth as a songwriter during the creation of Sincere. "Obviously you can’t ignore the new sounds," he says. "But if you listen closely to the lyrics, you’ll hear that I’m speaking more honestly as a songwriter on this specific album - reflective of my own life - than ever before."

    The string-laden "Moody Love" typifies the ups and downs of a romantic relationship. "It was a therapeutic song for me," he explains. "It expresses the pain and loneliness that can be found in a relationship where two people love each other but are not getting along. You don’t want to abandon the relationship, but there’s a constant clash of personality that you just can’t ignore. Yet it’s hard to let go." On "Coming Back," Chambers speaks to "an honest phase of a relationship where people may be in denial. It’s the point where you feel you’ve lost all your pride, but you just keep coming back in hopes that things will change. Even when you’re mad and frustrated, you just keep coming back. His favorite cut, however, is the provocative first single "I Can’t Love You (If You Don’t Love You)." Why? "Because so many of us are looking for love, when we need to love ourselves better—me included!" The title track, Sincere, written by The Beatbanggahz, however, is a simpler mid-tempo love song. "Men tend to be nonchalant and non-verbal," he explains. "But women need to be reassured by hearing sincere statements. I’ve been told that part of the effectiveness of my records is that they speak to the women and for the men."

    For the more time-honored fans of Chambers’ ballads, Sincere offers a few gems that gracefully balance the energetic mid- and up tempos. His unplugged rendition of his classic Grammy-nominated anthem "Missing You" (originally recorded by Brandy, Tamia, Gladys Knight, and Chaka Khan for the 1995 Set It Off soundtrack) is transformed into a tribute to two of his late mentors: R&B legends Phyllis Hyman and Gerald Levert. Chambers decided to include the song after rehearsing the song at a sound check for a recent performance at the Capital Jazz Festival. "I got very emotional, broke down and had to stop," he admits. "I realized I was missing Phyllis, and how proud she would have been of me. She taught me a lot of things and introduced me to people who changed my life. I also thought of Gerald, who was really like a big brother to me in the industry. I recorded that song as a tribute to both of them, since they always encouraged me not just to write, but sing." Another live performance inspired Chambers to record the late Donny Hathaway’s classic "A Song for You". At the behest of the New York City-based Evidence Dance Company, Chambers was commissioned to perform the song in tandem with choreographer Ron Brown. "When I performed the piece with them, my eyes were always closed, so I didn’t realize people were crying it until I opened my eyes to take my bow." In the studio, Chambers kept his eyes closed and captured the same raw emotion he delivered on stage. As a result, the song includes what is arguably one of Chambers’ most stunning vocal performances to date. "When I recorded it, there was no one else in the studio: just me alone with my emotions. This cover is my tribute to the music I love most: 70’s soul music. There’s no period of music more intimate to me."

    also finds Chambers reuniting with one of his former duet partners, vocalist Sara Devine, on the Thomas Whitfield gospel standard "Walk With Me, Lord." Recorded live at a gig and unrehearsed, the spontaneous rendition evokes all the intensity of a Sunday morning praise & worship performance. With all the ingredients at hand, it’s hard to imagine that Chambers’ recipe could lose. "There are many sounds on this album, but I think there’s truly something for everybody on this album," he says. "A lot of the great artists of our time have taken chances. I took chances sonically this time, because change is inevitable. This is an album that is reflective of where I am in this moment in time. Sincere has something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. This is the chapter I’m writing at this point in my career. And the way it’s sequenced, it takes the listener from the current to the classic. It’s a nice journey. You cook with what’s in the kitchen at the time."

    So check out Gordons epk here and the song
    taken from the album below the epk


    Introducing Gordon Chambers and Love Stories available on, and