Monday, 19 March 2018

@ChristianCordan - You and Me #video something for the ladies at last salute my g

You and Me is a love song for the ages. Christian Cordan starts this song with smooth melodies in his singing as you can hear the reminiscing spirit in his voice. The first verse follows him as he discusses going day to night not knowing whether the way he handling love is the right way. Despite his best efforts he feels as though he is slipping and losing his grip on the situation. As we move into the Pre-Chrous Christian Cordan expresses whether right or wrong he will always be here for his woman. The chorus blatantly expresses how the situation is making Cordan feel as he says "Hands Down I'm too Proud for Love." The second verse we begin to see a softer side of the artist he rides this verse smoothly even though he is telling his woman that he is lonely and he needs her in his life, but his pride won't let him love. Finally as we get to the Bridge Cordan tells his woman "Anytime and Anyplace" he will love and be there for her. You and Me is a song that will speak to and for the younger generation.