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@projektcancer Teck-Zilla(テクジラ) Son Of Sade: An Ode


@ElGant Beast Academy LP Is Now Available

El Gant's Beast Academy LP Is Now Available

Produced Entirely by JOAT (Jack of all Trades)
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After releasing several mixtapes, and a full length album, the prolific NYC based veteran emcee, El Gant is pleased to release his latest full length effort, Beast Academy. The album is produced entirely by JOAT (Jack Of All Trades), who to date has produced for the likes of La Coka Nostra, Ill Bill, and Vinnie Paz, among others. Beast Academy is an aggressive, fast paced offering that pairs the lyrically inclined Gant with several of the industries most revered lyricists, from seasoned vets such as El Da Sensei (of The Artifacts), and Ill Bill, to today's burgeoning talents like Chris Webby and Torae. The ten track offering also includes a helping hand on "Based Loaded" from El Gant's super group Infinity Gauntlet, which consists of Shabaam Sahdeeq, F.T., Bekay and Red Eye. Beast Academy is now available on CD via Fat Beats and UGHH, and for download via iTunesand all other digital retailers.
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01. Intro
02. Truth Hurts (feat. Torae & DJ Devastate) *2DOPEBOYZ Premiere
03. Three Amigos (feat. Chris Webby & Ill Bill) *Village Voice Premiere
04. Bases Loaded (feat. Infinity Gauntlet)
05. JOAT Interlude
06. Energy (feat. J. Blanc)
07. Goldie Hawn (feat. El Da Sensei)
08. Five One Eight (feat. GGDT) * Premiere
09. Mr. Miyagi
10. Three Amigos (Remix)

Press Pic:

ElGant 3x2
Twitter: @ElGant

Press Quotes:

• "Warning: The beats and lyrics on this tape have been proven to leave a sucka speechless for years." -The Source
• "El Gant brings his ferocious delivery to the first single off his upcoming Beast Academy album." -RESPECT.
• "With enrollment now open at El Gant and JOAT’s Beast Academy, the artist and producer duo provide us with an album that restores hip-hop to an era where weak emceeing was certainly not tolerated." -iStandard
• "Can a rapper make a boom-bap track these days without being labeled as an old head? Sure, this type of hip hop isn't what it used to be, but even though trends may come and go, some ill drum rolls, a kick, a snare and a high hat is all you need to get down." -Earmilk
• "Birds, as the cliché goes, flock together, so it stands to reason that an emcee as talented as NYC’s El Gant should have homies who are similarly adept at the art of microphone murder." -DJBooth
• "Three Amigos provides the perfect blend of three different flows of El Gant, Chris Webby and Ill Bill on one track." -HipHop DX
• "El Gant readies the release of his forthcoming album, Beast Academy by releasing a strong single featuring Torae." -URB
• "If you’re not familiar with the talents of El Gant, get familiar with the wordsmith.." -stupidDOPE
• "It’s sure been a minute since the homie El Gant graced our pages here and he sure made up for this with the head-bopper ‘Five One Eight’ which is off his upcoming project Beast Academy." -The Word Is Bond

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@Rediculus (feat. @ShabaamSahdeeq, @ElGant, @FamosoHTR, & @TheRealBekay "Kalashnikov & Kush" (Video)

Rediculus - "Kalashnikov & Kush" (Video)

Featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Famoso & Bekay
Directed by Bryce Snow
Click here to view "Kalashnikov & Kush" via YouTube
With a title like "Kalashnikov & Kush," it's hard to imagine that the Chi-town beatsmith,Rediculus wouldn't bring the heat. Instead of trying to make a tribute to the godfathers of the 90's, the upcoming producer crafts a track that takes elements of that ol' Boom bap for the modern day Hip-Hop head. Pulling together the lyrical tactics of Shabaam SahdeeqEl GantFamoso and Bekay (who manages to shave his head while dropping some ODB-esque rhymes), the track is fertile grounds for hot 16s. "Kalashnikov & Kush" is the first single from Rediculus' forthcoming producer compilation, In Response: Dee-Fi, so expect more fire in the weeks to come.
VIEW: "Kalashnikov & Kush" - HipHop DX • YouTube
DOWNLOAD: Bandcamp

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In Responxe: Dee-Fi...

Rediculus 3x2 650
In Response: Dee-Fi consists of 15 speaker breakers all produced by Rediculus, showcasing his musical growth that he's achieved as a result of taking a one year hiatus from his previous non-stop production schedule. When asked what fueled his creative process for the album, Rediculus states: "After my Mama passed in 2013, I really sat down and refocused what it was that I was pursuing musically and what I wanted to leave for others to judge me by after I was gone. I had always embraced the 90's aesthetic of Boom bap, but really wanted to put my own presentation of that forward, instead of trying to relive years past with my sound, so I started layering more original instrumentation over my samples, started writing more lyrics and getting way deeper into the creative process this time. There was a lot of talk about white people and gay people in Hip-Hop as this project was being created. Where we fit in, where we belong. This is my statement of defiance to dare anyone to challenge my position in this culture, and exactly where the title of this album comes from."
The album itself features three tracks completely written by Rediculus -- "Stay" and "Again," and two RnB ballads; one featuring industry veteran Jay Hollins, and "Repercussions" which features the upcoming emcee, Jus Daze. Rounding out the collaborative effort is Rediculus's long time lyrical partner Rich Malone, new comer Fresco, frequent collaborators J57 and Sene, East Coast spitters Coast, CoalCash, C-Rayz Walz, Comet, Boston up-and-comer Token, and LA wordsmith Aarophat. Keep an eye out for Rediculus and his forthcoming In Response: Dee-Fi LP, which is set to be accompanied by five videos and seven singles.



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@IamTaylorMace OUT WEST @WhoIsTaylorMace #EXCLUSIVE #VIDEO

 Taylor Mace release the video to 'Out West' a track which featured on BBC Radio Introducing. She is currently working on her debut project set to release in the summer.

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@thewahmama @CryBabySoul Narita For Tokyo #soulmusic #uk

The Wah Wah Collective presents ‘Narita For Tokyo’ a dance song and music video with an electronica appeal taken from the debut album ‘Cry Baby Soul’. Narita is named after the Japanese airport and describes producer Georgeyo experiences living in Japan in the 00’s. The song features vocalist Natasha Stark and is a part of an oriental theme found on the ‘Cry Baby Soul’ album. Both Georgeyo and Natasha Stark feature in the music video set on an urban rooftop with the singer reminiscing about the Far East. The ‘red’ of the music video metaphorically represents the 'red sun' of the Japanese national flag.

Cry Baby Soul is a 16 song album covering many genres soulfully including Electronica, Nujazz, Neosoul, Latin grooves and more.  The album is what the band are calling ‘Eclectic Soul’. The Album is a gathering of previous vinyl only releases mixed with unreleased songs from the London based group.