Sunday, 18 December 2011


Welcome to the of one of the hardest albums of this year 2011 remember i said it one of  the hardest albums of  the year I present to you the Soul Eater produced by Black Panther. As soon as I got it I threw that in my CD PLAYER in my car doing  my road moves in London.
  1. Drowning – Mr. Metaphor, this joint is the right way to get a hip hop album started trust as soon as it starts some serious basss just starts banging those speakers and if this dont get u gassed up I don't know what will and if u like to get lifted then u know the rest Metaphor the joint is called drowning OOOOOOOO!!!.
  2. Heavy Mental Factory – Meredith DiMenna, ok u gonna say hold on a minute general but this aint kno hip hop song but you kno what the beats r lol Black Panther goes in here with some smooth vocals Meredith DiMenna that just breezes on the beats.
  3. Slum Dog – Nine Feat. Vanessa Liftig, I don't kno if you remember the rapper Nine?? he done the joints red rum etc well if u don' not too worry this song slum dog  is sick Vanessa Liftig is on those vocals and well Nine just smashes it.
  4. La Vie De John- Yanigga, aannnyyy wayyy the beat drops then i am banging my head u kno and yanigga starts his rap I don't undertsand what the fuck he is saying he is speaking in french but you kno what he is going in aaahhhh yeeaaa.
  5. John Smith – Masai Bey, you like to get gassed up huh you better get ready for John Smith on some stanking Beats you kno how Black Panther drops em chhhhheeeeesseeee Im gassed now.
  6. Run – Mr. Metaphor, so we got a second offering of Mr Metaphor he comes real hard on this joint its called run . We have had a few joints over the years called run right? this joint is right up there OOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  7. Loser – The Incomparable Shakesphere, lol this joint is serious dont think what  the fuck is this? when u hear it just embrace the sound.
  8. Mr. Smith – Respect Tha God, hip hop u go to love it man check this brudda out respect tha god just giving you a taster tears this shit to shredds
  9. Expropriation: Dog Day Afternoon – Truth Universal, all i have to say the name says it all Truth Universal is defintely awake OOOO!!.
  10. Hustler Cop – Dynamix (Junclassic & K. Sise), all I am saying is if u love hip hop u kno this joint is off and popping they defintely put you in the picture it is what it is.
  11. Live N High Def – Oktober Zero, cchhhheeeeeeessseeeee I swear Black Panther wants me to crash my car Lmao, u like to get gassed up kno this one is going in bass rrattaaling some serious head nodding shit Oktober Zero  goes in hard trust me.
  12.  Sleep – Godilla, Respect Tha God, Randy Mason & Shabaam Shadeeq, Four the hard this track I do this in my sleep some of the hardest underground rappers around Godilla, Respect Tha God, Randy Mason & Shabaam Shadeeq (i do this in my sleep and i dream when i awake)
  13. Soul Eater – Mereidith DiMenna, we have a second helping of this lady and i am loving the smooth vocals on the rugged beats by Black Panther I am sure we can see a album coming from this lady Mereidith DiMenna and this is the title track Soul Eater.
  14. Guilty – Vanessa Lifitg Feat. Respect Tha God this must be one of the smoothest joint on the this album we got the second helping of Vanessa Lifitg Feat. Respect Tha God and they doin what they doing guilty is  the name of that track.
  15. Devil In My Ear – Godilla,
  16. Locked Away – Respect Tha God Feat. Shay, this is the last joint on the cd this one is called locked away ft Respect Tha God Feat. Shay on those vocals man one of my fav joints on the cd real smooth....

check a sample of track number 2 Heavy Mental Factory – Meredith DiMenna trust she is going in

So I have to say the album has got all sorts of flavours I give it 8 out 10  you can get his album on his Website its got all  the links there enjoy

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gloria Ry'ann interview on the beats rymes and basslines channel (soul singer) @BEATSRYMESBLOG


Gloria Ry’ann

“Music is the fabric of my soul.”

Not since Minnie Riperton has there been a more enchanting songstress with a glass-shattering high octave vocal-range. This show-stopping beauty Gloria Ry’ann is riding on the success of her current single releases “O.M.G.” and “Back With You”. Gloria is the treasured find for today’s music lovers. Entertaining crowds large and small across the country, Gloria has performed with the likes of pop princess Rihanna, Oscar-winner, Jennifer Hudson, legends Ashford & Simpson, Patti Labelle and the late Teddy Pendergrass.

Gloria has appeared on “The Today Show,” “106th & Park,” “The Mo’Nique Show,” The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and MTV European Music Awards as a supporting vocalist and as a soloist. “Music is the fabric of my soul,” Gloria says. A Chicago-south-side-native, Gloria grew up with a love of music that was fostered by her mother who encouraged her to sing and perform for family and friends.

Back then, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and Teena Marie were among the vocal heroes of young Gloria who soon began lessons with the world-renowned composer Dr. Lena Mc Lin. Over time, Dr. Mc Lin helped Gloria nurture her skills as a artist that gave her the confidence to relocated to New York City and focus on her music career. “I knew moving to New York would be my push to pursue my dreams to make them my reality.”

Her determination is paying off. Emerging as a dynamic vocalist, with a four- octave range, Gloria Ry’ann has been featured throughout the country as a headlining music act. Her music has found a home on radio stations around the world. Listeners are flocking to her sound on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube as well as live performances that convey a style, which Gloria describes as “positive, vibrant, classy, sensual, and sometimes naughty.” “From middle voice to the whistle register, Gloria is in possession of a vocal tone that is simply beautiful,” says Carl Smith of “I, for one, have reserved a space in my musical radar screen for [her] and I think you should, too.”
                    well guess what we got Gloria come thru on the beats rymes and basslines channel

Reggae singer Ruth passing thru the beats rymes and basslines movement

With an intense passion for writing poetry combined with an undeniable talent to woo others with her voice, Jamaican singer and songwriter RUTH (born Ruth-Ann Brown) launched a career on the Reggae music scene in late 2005.
She was born to Frank Brown, a primary school teacher and farmer, and Janett Hemans, a high school teacher and dressmaker, on August 28, 1984 in the small community of Chesterfield, in Westmoreland.
Unlike many other artistes, RUTH did not grow up listening to Reggae music, neither were her parents involved in the music business in any way. Her father played the guitar, piano and harmonica leisurely and her mother sang and still sings in her church choir. One would wonder where she learned to write to Reggae rhythms when the only background she had in music was singing on the church choir. Brought up in a strict Seventh - day Adventist household, RUTH only heard ‘secular’ music as she passed by shops and bars in the vicinity of her home. This was the kind of music she gravitated towards.
She was always singing at home while doing chores, and she was known around the community for performing at church crusades, weddings, and funerals; at school, she was known as a poet, who preferred to write several poems each day than to eat lunch or play. Her friends encouraged her to take singing seriously but she did not take this advice until 2005 when she recorded her first single, ‘As It Is’ on the Di-Mon Cut label. This song, about a triangular affair, received tremendous airplay on various radio stations in Jamaica.
Her voice has been described as smoky, strong, soulful and melodic while her lyrics are compelling, straightforward, and unusual, ‘hitting the nail on the head’ and reaching out to a wide audience whose members can relate to the concepts she highlights. A sentimentalist, who finds meaning in every thing, RUTH enjoys writing about personal experiences relating to love, family life, social issues, injustices, among other timeless topics.
RUTH’s main musical influences include Sade, Sinead O’Connor, Tanya Stephens, Sizzla Kalonji, and the Marley family. Of course, she is yet to perform alongside these icons. Her music, however, has been featured on various Jamaican radio stations including IRIE FM, RJR, FAME FM, ROOTS FM and ZIP 103 and she has been interviewed on CTV and HYPE TV in Jamaica and WPFW in Washington DC. She has shared the stage with Freddie McGregor, Beres Hammond, Ky-Mani Marley, I-Wayne and many more.
After signing to independent label, Bran-Nu Entertainment in 2007, RUTH began working on her debut album, which features her first two singles on the label, ‘Unfamiliar Feelings’ and ‘Chillin with my Baby’ which were released on February 14, 2008. The not yet titled album which is a collection of personal experiences about relationships, issues related to migration, work, and life in general and features songs like ‘Jamdown’, an ode to her home country is soon to be released.
                                   Well here some words representing beats rymes and basslines from Ruth
Management Bran Nu Entertainment Washington DC