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Black Panther-what do u know about him?

Black Panther

From the moment that Michael Eric Hill was born, he was different. Brooklyn hospital doctors told his parents that he would only live three weeks. A thyroid condition his mother had was believed to have been passed along to her son, but Odie Hill had faith. She not only believed her son would survive after spending three weeks hooked up to tubes in the hospital, but being a deeply religious woman, she also believed her son was meant for nothing less than greatness.

Raised in the neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn amidst such artists as Spike Lee, Chris Rock and Rakim, Michael was surrounded by an undeniable energy that he could not escape. At an early age, hip-hop not only found its way into his home, but into his blood. Throwing concerts for his toys by gathering them around the portable turntable in front of his Spiderman poster in the living room, young Michael would play a mixture of songs by U.T.F.O., Roxanne Shante, Rod Stewart and Rick Springfield. This varied selection of records would stay with him and help him develop his production and deejaying style in the future. However, it was not until the day his brother brought home the Run-DMC record “Sucker MCs” that his life forever changed.

Michael Hill later took on the name DJ Black Panther and began releasing Monthly underground hip-hop mixtapes at a time when independent music was not at the forefront. He was determined to carve his own path in the music industry. DJ Honda took notice to his tapes and started buying them directly to sell in Japan, furthering Panther’s name as well as his brand. After the release of a double mixtape, Panther had enough money to buy what would become his production weapon of choice, the MPC 200XL. In 2003 Black Panther put out his debut album “The Darkest Night Ever” on Third Earth Music. All 17 tracks received nothing but positive feedback and publicity from his fans and critics. The well-known website featured him in the “Breeding Ground” section and Elemental Magazine, Urb, XLR8, and more all agreed that a fresh new talent had emerged.

In 2005, after getting back behind the turntables at clubs Panther hit the studio to work on his sophomore album, “My Eternal Winter”. The project proved to be not just a follow up, but also a step above. “My Eternal Winter” has generated a lot of buzz for Black Panther through reviews and interviews from around the world. The second single from “My Eternal Winter“, entitled “The Half“, featured Grammy Award winning songstress Maya Azucena and peaked at the number 2 position on the internet music charts. Also with the release of the album, “My Eternal Winter” Panther started his digital music label Manekinekopro, which has released music from Respect Tha God (Perverted Monks, Jeru, Afu-Ra). Respect single “I Rap 4” recently topped the Charts on all the industry gauges (Rapattacklives,, Heatmakerz latest Release “Ra Jah Ru meets The Heatmakerz” also found a home on Manekinekopro. And most recently Manekinekopro records has been responsible for the ReEmergence of the legendary emcee NINE (Whatcha Want, Make or Take). Panther released “Shots Fired” by NINE(Brand Narcotic/Manekinekopro). However, do not get it wrong Black Panther is still very much a recording artist and he is Hard at work on his third offering entitled “The Soul Eater”, pack with surprises and his ever-evolving sound. The future holds many musical endeavors, and you may ask what is next? A full-length album with the Grammy Award winning singer Maya Azucena will be a great start.


“Varsity Blues”, EP (Veritech Records) – Murs: “The Deepest Blue”, produced by Black Panther (January 2002)

“52 Pick-Up” (Third Earth Music) – featuring Stronghold b/w “Yes” featuring Mr. Khalyil, produced by Black Panther (April 2002)

“Suicide” (Third Earth Music) – featuring Pumpkinhead b/w “Expand 2” featuring C Rayz Walz, produced by Black Panther (April 2003)

“Ravi Pops” (Def Jux) – featuring C Rayz Walz – LP -”Camouflage”, produced by Black Panther (June, 2003)

“Revolutionary Vol 1 Lp (Viper Records )“Dance With The Devil “ Feat. Immortal technique / “No Me Importa “Feat. Immortal Technique (Panther recorded background scratches on the two before mentioned songs) 2003

“The Darkest Night Ever” (Third Earth Music) LP – featuring Pumpkinhead, Word a mouth, Diabolic and Lou Ciphier, C Rayz Walz, Celf Titled, Oktober, Loer Velocity, Murs, L.I.F.E. Long, Jean Grae, Kamani, Mazzi, Sub Conscious, Stick Man (of Dead Prez), Mr. Khalyil (of Bush Babees), Poison Pen, E-Dot, Stronghold, album produced by Black Panther (August 2003)

“Art Imitates Life” (Third Earth Music) – Icon the Mic King produced by Black Panther (June 2004)

“Projekt:Building” (Freshchest) – Oktober: LP – “Digamello” produced by Black Panther (October 2004)

“Act Like You Might Know”, LP (Bid Whist Records) – Chuggo featuring Immortal Technique (2004) “People are Shit”, produced by Black Panther (soon to be released
“The POW Mix’Tape Volume 2” – POW featuring Fred Hampton jr (Black Panther Party) – “Free AP”, produced by Black Panther (February 2005)

“You Don’t Know”(Draft Records) – Shabbam Sahdeeq Feat. Maya Azucena, produced by Black Panther (April 2006)

“American Hunger” (Day By Day Records) – MF Grimm produced by Black Panther (June 2006)

“My Eternal Winter” (Manekineko Pro) LP – Various Artists produced by Black Panther (April 2007)

“Longevity 1. 5” (Ascetic Music) – L.I.F.E. Long: LP – “Move” produced by Black Panther (2008)

” In The Ballroom “(Exotic Recordings)- Saint Bernadette – “ Money In The Air “ (Remix) produced by Black Panther (2008)

“You Can’t Change the World “– Kwote Scriptures Feat. Mr. Cheeks(Lost Boyz) produced By Black Panther (2008)

“Untitled “– Kurious Jeorge Feat. Old Budda produced By Black Panther (2009)
“Chica Malas “ (Exotic Recordings ) – Jar E – 3 Leaf Clover( Remix) Feat. Meredith DiMenna produced By Black Panther (2009)

“I Am The King” – Yanigga(Paris) – produced by Black Panther (2009)

“Bare Arms” Akir – Produced By Black Panther (2009)

“Africa’s Son “– Contro Versy – Produced By Black Panther (2009) .

“Eyes Wide Shut “– Jedi Feat. A butter (ugrap .de) Produced By Black Panther (2009)

“Drip Drop” – Respect Tha God(manekinekopro) Feat. Afu Ra, Aqua Monk & PF Cuttin(2009)

“Who But Me” – Respect Tha God(manekinekopro) Feat. L.I.F.E. Long & Vanessa Lifitig(2009)

“The Price Of Your Life “ POW (Umi/Scribe) – produced by Black Panther (2010)

“AP Bounce “ – POW (Umi -/Scribe) – Produced By Black Panther (2010)

“Kushi “ – Goddie – produced By Black Panther (2010)

“I Rap 4 (Remix) – Respect Tha God Feat. Poison Pen – produced By Black Panther (2010)

So enjoy this video so watch out the new single drops on halloween and The new album is dropping in November 2011 Stay tuned and support good music because it supports you!




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Dj Pauze Unique Reggae Mix Show #241 (22/09/11)

Mixed & Hosted by Dj Pauze aka Gav Pauze

Part One.
1.Kashief Lindo - With You - Holiday Inn riddim
2.Mikey General - Slow Down - Holiday Inn riddim
3.Earl Sixteen - Love That Is Real - Holiday Inn riddim
4.Earl Sixteen - Make It Soon - Datta riddim
5.Queen Omega - Travelling - Datta riddim
6.Anthony Que - Ease Up The Pressure - Datta riddim
7.Anthony Que - Ruff & Tuff - Spread Dat Love riddim
8.King Lorenzo - Spread Dat Love - Spread Dat Love riddim
9.Mark Wonder - Joy & Glorious Day - Spread Dat Love riddim
10.Mark Wonder - Long Road - Jah Children riddim
11.Devano - None Of Jah Jah Children - Jah Children riddim
12.Chezidek - Herbsman Rise Again - Jah Children riddim
13.Burro Banton feat Tony Curtis - Blaze It - Design riddim
14.Sara Lugo - Part Of My Life - Design riddim
15.Mark Wonder - Fighting Soldiers - Design riddim
16.Mark Wonder - Blaze It Up - Sensimillionaire riddim
17.Fyah T - Cant Get I Down - Sensimillionaire riddim
18.Jah Mason - Mr Government - Sensimillionaire riddim
Part Two.
19.Sizzla - Clean & Pure - Scorpion King riddim
20.Natural Black - Who Is Going To Help - Scorpion King riddim
21.Mikey General - In Jah We Trust - Scorpion King riddim
22.Mikey General - Rainbow - Burn Dem riddim
23.Capleton - Put It Down - Burn Dem riddim
24.Luciano - Palaving Spree - Burn Dem riddim
25.Luciano - Work Hard - Country Living riddim
26.Mikey General - Mighty Jah Jah - Country Living riddim
27.Jah Mason - Put Jah Above - Country Living riddim
28.Jah Mason - In My Heart - Only Solution riddim
29.Sena - Rebel Woman - Only Solution riddim
30.Lorenzo - Only Solution - Only Solution riddim
31.Lorenzo - How Can I - Highlight riddim
32.Antonio West - Rude Bwoy - Highlight riddim
33.Stikki - Leaders Of The World - Highlight riddim
34.Chaddy Royal - Strong & Courageous (dubplate) - Time riddim
35.Luciano - The Wicked - Time riddim
36.Matthew Mcanuff - Health & Strength - Time riddim
Part Three.
37.Beres Hammond - Love & Devotion - Love & Devotion riddim
38.Beres Hammond - Heart Breaker - Babylon Cowboy riddim
39.Mikey General - King Davids Offspring - Babylon Cowboy riddim
40.Mikey General - Woe Unto Dem - General riddim
41.Cocoa Tea - Business - General riddim
42.Sizzla - Kings Of The Earth - General riddim
43.Sizzla - Why Boast - First Night riddim
44.Diana Rutherford - First Night - First Night riddim
45.Diana Rutherford - Caged - Sufferah riddim
46.Little Devon - Burnin Hot - Sufferah riddim
47.Michael Rutherford - The City - Sufferah riddim
48.Lutan Fyah - Poverty - Sufferah riddim
49.Khari Kill - Mama Africa - Painter riddim
50.Neutral Sisters - Together - Painter riddim
51.Anisha feat Jah Bami - Different World - Painter riddim
52.Gailann - Go Get Him - Painter riddim
53.Gailann - Cant Believe It
54.Gailann - Baby Love
Part Four.
55.Twiggi - Say You Love Me - Land Of Love riddim
56.Tony Rebel & Marcia Griffiths - Ready To Go - Land Of Love riddim
57.Ras Shiloh - Child Of A Slave - Land Of Love riddim
58.Gentleman & Ras Shiloh - Blessing From Jah - One For The Road riddim
59.Richie Spice - World Order - One For The Road riddim
60.Luciano - All I've Got - One For The Road riddim
61.Luciano feat Spectacular - What Gwan Bad - Edens Rage riddim
62.Ras McBean - Why Do The Edens Rage - Edens Rage riddim
63.Ras McBean - Dem A Run Away - Dem Run Away riddim
64.Ras McBean - Brighter Day - Brighter Day riddim
65.Mr Diamond feat Vybroc - The Land - Brighter Day riddim
66.Jah Rain - Missah Man Deh - Brighter Day riddim
67.Queen Omega - Last Days - Brighter Day riddim
68.Wild Life - Same Story - Speaker riddim
69.Wild Life - Chill And Bill
70.Wild Life - No Drama (dubplate) - Passover riddim
71.Matthew Greenidge feat Rincher - Burn To Learn - Passover riddim
72.Raslett - Revolution - Passover riddim

Jingles/drops from
Kashief Lindo, Wayne Wonder, Bigga Haitian, Phillysia, GoldenChyle,
Sheppard, Soundkillaz, Ras Brando, Alpheus, Fragga Ranks,
Christopher Martin, Cecile, Elijah Prophet, Shalli, Kris Kelli,
Junior Murvin, Romain Virgo, Queen Ifrica, Marsha Morrison,
Hopeton Lindo, Nikesha Lindo, Peetah Morgan, Eljai, Benz,
Uwe Banton, Chaddy Royal, Pressure, Cherine Anderson, Chanter,
Ms Triniti, Stephanie, Zalazu, Alison Hinds, Avaran, Cornadoor,
RedX, Wild Life, Capleton.

7 Reggae Downloads still available link below.


Dj Pauze aka Gav Pauze

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ISHE + HEZEKIAH PROJECT - 3crates productions

Ishe + Hezekiah are an experimental soulful duo composed of singer/songwriter ishe' from san diego and producer/emcee/songwriter hezekiah from philadelphia.
two unique artists with an unspoken understanding of music provided the perfect ingredients. a mixture of organic classic soul, a slight touch of electronic flourishes; a beautifully-composed sonic stew with a traditional hip hop edge. timeless.
they first started working together in 2007, after discovering they shared a rare musical chemistry, which led to many collaborations and features.
"this is the 1st time i produced a project and never argued" (hez) "i was thinking the same thing" replies (ishe)
for their debut album. her hypnotic & sweet dreamy vocals over his head-knoddin' beats spawn something organic and ultra melodic. together their sound is raw and intimate ... pretty and gritty ... unorthodox and out the box!
with subject matter that covers the spectrum, ranging from social issues, love, drugs, depression, make ups and break ups... this project is something ishe + hezekiah are both proud of, and i'm sure you will be too.

iSHE's voice and Hezekiah's production go together like milk and cookies, and their Project has the makings of an equally tasty treat. iSHE slinks over old-soul samples, handles herself nicely atop hip-hop beats enjoy the two videos you gonna love these Tha General salutes all u music lovers..

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Monet's album Lifesize Mirror Schedule to drop 27 Sept 2011 SOUL MUSIC

LIFESIZE MIRROR, the title of Monet’s upcoming project is scheduled for release by the Purpose Music Group through Nia Distribution on Sept 27.LifeSize Mirror makes a bold revealing statement about how profoundly  life’s journey has touched her.  The thick, golden brown locs that once graced her crown – very much the signature image of her debut release ESSENCE  six years ago  - are gone.  You almost don’t recognize her.  But that unmistakable voice buried deep in her chest, almost as if coming directly from her heart is ever present.   Her flute that teases and soars, bouncing in the air like a wondrously, hypnotic tribal spell – is pronounced, only finer, richer and more knowing.  This couldn't be more evident than in  "VAIN," which uniquely combines jazz,classical and instrumental soul " VAIN" is an account of a reflective journey - Monet’s flute like a snake charmer, beautifully intricate which starts out with moments of calm, coaxing gently until it deepens to a throaty rasp, becoming more complex and intriguing.  
Monet’s musical repertoire is diverse with influences drawn from jazz, soul, latin, classical, folk, house and funk. Fundamentally, however, her sound is purely rooted in organic soul.  The influences are a glorious amalgamation of Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Sade and Hubert Laws.  Surrounded by multiple genres of music by both parents - her mother a doo-wop singer and her father a manager of jazz and Latin artists.  Monet's - musical roots run deep.   A little known fact is that she was accepted to the prestigious Cornell University at the tender age of 14 on scholarship due to her advanced musical proficiency in classical flute.  Monet also plays guitar, oboe , piccolo and piano.  One would be remiss not to mention Monet’s various film credits including acting and directing.  This is a resume full of aesthetic discovery.

While in between projects, leading up to the actual production of LIFESIZE MIRROR, Monet was quite busy at work fine tuning her craft, contributing her signature flute work, songwriting and vocals to recent projects by Angela Johnson  “That's Just The Way"( which is also on Lifesize Mirror) , Nigerian world soul artist Siji "Fantasy"  and "Ekundayo,” and singer/songwriters  Kendra Ross "Has to Be,” and La Sonya Gunther, " How we Livin." Monet is involved in upcoming projects by Abby Dobson "Fly," Tarrah Reynolds and Collette.  Monet also contributed to club hits by Melena Perez, "Confession,” and Tortured Soul, "Don't Hold me Down,” flute and vocals respectively.  

LIFESIZE MIRROR promises to be rich with what we expect from Monet. However some surprising alternative twists to her sound abound.  There is more orchestration in the arrangements, and the addition of violin, cello, trumpet and soprano sax on various cuts are welcome.  Her reggae dub influence is present on, “Ever Want.” Then there’s the Monet that many are definitely familiar with in “Hold me Sweetly,” a quivering ode to desire that Monet admittedly calls baby making music.  Other cuts from this effort seem to convey odes of promise, hope, inspiration and transformation like  “Walk with Me,” and “It’s Your Life,” which is an anthem to one being a master of one’s own destiny.   Jeff Smith (Family Stand), violinist Tarrah Reynolds, keyboardist  Nick Rolfe,  vocalists Tricia Angus, Saundra Williams, Martha Redbone, and Abby Dobson,  are all contributors to LIFESIZEMIRROR.  The producers of the project include Steve Wallace, Angela Johnson, Sijii, Prez, Jesse Fischer (Soul Cycle),Ticklah and Ethan White (Tortured Soul).

 Monet is an explorer. Through her musical expression we witness her seeking the highest level of self awareness and realization which is often referred to as LIFESIZE MIRROR.   I n this project she freely moves through her existence fearlessly, balancing both the pain and the pleasure, the heartache and the rapture making sure we feel it too, spiritually, intellectually and physically.  Conveying this is no easy feat – and as we bear witness to Monet’s creativity as she continues to document her journey through her music. We know that we’re all the better to be an audience to such a gift.

For Bookings : PMG George

Mgmt:  Russell purposemusicgroup@gmail.comt


1) AWAKENING ft NICK ROLFE and TRICIA ANGUS -Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC ,Nick Rolfe,NJaRomusic/SESAC,Steve Wallace,NeoRenaissance Music /ASCAP   Monet -flute, vocals, Nick Rolfe-keyboards, vocals, Tricia Angus-vocals, Steve Wallace -keyboards, drum programming , vocals

Produced by Steve Walace Mixed by Steve Wallace

2)HOLD ME SWEETLY -Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC ,Jesse Fischer/Soul Cycle Music/ASCAP
Monet-flute, vocals, Jessie Fischer-keys and all instruments, Background vocals: Saundra Williams, Monet
Produced by Jesse Fischer Mixed by Jesse Fischer

3)ITS YOUR LIFE ft ABBY DOBSON and MARTHA REDBONE-Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC, Randy Wilson,Wilsongs/ASCAP ,Steve Wallace,NeoRenaisance Music/ASCAP - Monet- lead and background vocals All instruments Steve Wallace  lead and background vocals -Abby Dobson, Martha Redbone  Produced by Steve Wallace Mixed by Steve Wallace

4) VAIN ft TARRAH REYNOLDS -Monet, NyamekyeSongs/SESAC,Steve Wallace,NeoRenaissance Music/ASCAP
   Monet -flute,guitar ;Tarrah Reynolds-violin;Omar Abdul Karim-trumpet;Amalie Fernando-cello
   Steve Wallace-keys,synths, bass and drum programming
   Produced By Steve Wallace Mixed by Steve Wallace

5)THAT'S JUST THE WAY -ft ANGELA JOHNSON-  Monet,NyamekyeSons/SESAC,Angela Johnson,Jobo Music/ASCAP
 Monet- vocals -Angela Johnson keys-and drum programming
Shelton Garner-acoustic and electric guitar -background vox- Monet and Angela Johnson
Horns and Horn Arrangements by Chops Horns ,Darryl Dixon- Alto sax, Dennis Watson-Tenor sax, Freddie Hendrix-Trumpet
 produced by Angela Johnson  mixed by Hiroyuki Sanada

6)WALK WITH ME -Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC,Ethan White,Easy Biz/ASCA
flute- Monet -all instruments Ethan White
lead and background vocals by Monet
 produced by Ethan White of Tortured Soul , Mixed by Steve Wallace

7)LIFESIZE MIRROR- Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC, Angela Johnson,JoboMusic/ASCAP
lead and background vocals by Monet all instruments Angela Johnson
. Additional backing vocals- Angela Johnson
produced by Angela Johnson mixed by Angela Johnson

8)FREE(Mom's song) featuring SIJII - Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC,Sijii.Enola's Songs/ASAP   Monet- flute Sijii-all instruments and vocals
 Produced by Siji Mixed by Sijii

9) EVER WANT featuring TICKLAH-Monet,NyamekyeSongs/SESAC,Victor Axelrod.Polydemic Productions/ASCAP
vocals, guitar, flute-Monet
keys, drums- ticklah
 Produced byTicklah , Mixed by Ticklah

10) Y R SO MANY  featuring JEFF SMITH-Monet, NyamekyeSongs/SESAC
vocals, guitar -Monet
additional guitar,drums&bass-Prez
soprano sax- Jeff Smith
produced by Prez Mixed by Prez

All songs mastered by Arnold Mischkulnig @ ChopShop studios in Bklyn

Executive Producers; Monet , George Littlejohn and Russell Johnson


                                  ENJOY TRACK (7) ALBUM TITLED CALLED LIFESIZE MIRROR
                                                         PRODUCED BY ANGELA JOHNSON