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@MysDiggi Mad Mans Diary (Music Video) PRODUCED by Rondarb

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Stay Away is the title of Tifa’s new mixtape and the artiste is leaving no stones unturned in silencing her detractors.  Mixed and assembled by prolific producer ZJ Chrome, the project has a parental advisory sticker due to its explicit content.

The mix tape has been generating major buzz on social over the weekend, after it was leaked to several prominent entertainment personnel.

In a media release, Tifa explained her decision to release the mixtape at this time.

There is no right timing really! I started it, it's finished so I'm letting the world have it. There will definitely be tongues wagging! Not everyone will be happy about what I had to say! People will view me differently after this! Things will never be the same. But change is inevitable’.

Described as 53 minutes of lyrical fire, the mixtape showcases Tifa’s prowess and vocal charisma riding hot riddims while lacing her detractors with hard hitting lyrics whom she chose to ignore for some time now.

‘At some point when u hold everything in for too long you are bound to snap! I've been taking the ignore it and move on approach for personal and business reasons. But sometimes you just have to remind people who you are and what you are capable of and I'm not one to be played with neither on a personal level nor as an artiste! This mixtape will definitely show you and remind people of my versatility and why I continue to be relevant in this music business’, she said.

She added’ It should be taken as me finally giving my side of the story! Me speaking my truth and a reminder/warning to people of who they are really dealing with’.

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This album is an exploration of the dynamics of everyday life, and the pursuit of our dreams, in a rapidly decaying society. I Phantom is a story from beginning to end, told mainly from third and first person perspectives.

It starts with the main character (who is unnamed) in the midst of a dream state in which he envisions everything from his own death to the summit of his prowess (Bad Card, A Glimpse At the Struggle, Return of the B-Boy). His dream is rudely interrupted by his alarm clock, and sadly, it's back to the real world. The next series of songs embody many of the struggles of day to day living (getting jerked at your job, hoping to fit in the social scene, attempting to maintain family life, etc.), and to say the least, the character in this story has a great deal of trouble finding his niche (Live from the Plantation, New Man Theme, Status, Success).

The last 6 songs are dedicated to providing a vivid display of how the social ills of the American society fuel a decay, which effects all of our lives to a great extent. This is achieved by providing a scope in which we see the effects of these ills on everything from family structure (Success and Now) to life as a whole on planet Earth (Earthcrusher and Post Mortem).

The story is challenging to follow, because the perspectives change often, and the songs fit together in intricate ways. It takes close listening and some sharp detective work to catch all the links, but the following I Phantom Key should help you comb through the tale.

A young man, down on his luck, has a nightmare about making a fatal mistake.

I Phantom Key:

1. Bad Card - He asks a friend for a gun.
2. A Glimpse At the Struggle - He is shot and killed while trying to rob a store.
3. Return of the B-Boy - He is resurrected by music (a kick drum, a snare, and a hi-hat) and goes on a mission to save hip-hop culture. His quest leads him to a battle against himself in which he must conquer his own demons.
4. Live From the Plantation - The alarm clock wakes him from the climax of his dream, and he is faced with the grim reality of his desk job. After analyzing the politics of the workplace, and realizing it's many injustices, he quits.
5. New Man Theme - Having just found the courage to quit his job, he reflects upon another life changing decision he has made, which was leaving college. Ultimately, he feels self empowered by his rediscovered independence, and decides to reinstate his social life by mingling at a local club.
6. Handouts - I call Insight to get a beat so I can continue the album, but I'm broke because I'm jobless. Insight in turn gives me a shitty, poorly mixed beat ("Status").
7. Status - Our hero ventures out to socialize, but is quickly discouraged by the limitations posed by financial hardship.
8. Success - Scarred and humiliated by public embarrassment, he swallows his pride and gets a new job. Unfortunately, he thinks that to be successful means to posses large sums of money, and views work as the most important thing in his life. Due to this outlook, he overlooks the emotional needs of his wife and his son (John). He loses his family, and through this experience, is forced to reevaluate his ideals about success. He meets a new woman, remarries, and now focuses his energies on having a fruitful family life.
9. Daddy Dearest - John (the son from the first marriage) is desperately trying to keep his father involved in his life, but is given no consideration.
10. The Now - Dad is too caught up in making things work with his new family to pay any attention to the old one. In fact, he puts so much effort into having a perfect family that his daughter, Kate (elder child from the 2nd marriage) buckles under the pressure and commits suicide.
11. Friends and Neighbors - This songs takes a similar approach to the film, "Magnolia". There are a bunch of people from different walks of life, who are somehow connected to each other (Franz, James, Greta, and unnamed attacker, Officer Grief, and Kate's family). Officer Grief answers the suicide call from Kate's mom. He had recently snapped under some of the pressures of his job, and when he arrives on the suicide scene, he kills Kate's mom and dad. The focus then shifts to the perspective of the average person who is watching details of the incident unfold on the news. As viewers of media, we are manipulated and molded into whatever major corporations need us to be in order to support sales, ratings, etc. I pose the questions "who art though?" to emphasize the degree to which we have lost ourselves in the machine. At the end of the song, I pose the challenge "...tell us how we got here" meaning how did we get to this point in human existence where these types of social ills are common.
12. Iron Helix - This song is the answer to the challenge posed at the end of Friends and Neighbors. Iron Helix is a synopsis of colonization in which Insight plays the role of a tribesman, or anyone who may not be privy to the modern world. My role is as the voice of the modern world. At first, Insight is steadfast about his lifestyle, but as he continues to interact with my character, he loses sight of his old values, and way of life. By he end of the song, he is fully converted into the ways of the modern world, and there is no difference between his views and mine. Ultimately we are both the voice of man's desire to control and conquer all that exists. The final words, "all opposition must die!" are descriptive of the destructive impulse that begins the nuclear war in "Earthcrusher".
13. Earthcrusher - A Visual of the nuclear holocaust.
14. Post Mortem - These are the perspectives of 4 people as they look into the light of a nuclear blast. Basically, the final words from those who are essentially dead. Each individual flashes vast imagery of their closing thoughts before they are dissolved by the bomb.


releases 27 November 2015

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Singer songwriter drummer and producer Dornik never went after the spotlight, but the spotlight found him anyway. The quiet Croydon born musician was content for years to stay behind his drumkit, keeping his own bedroom-recorded, sun-streaked electronic love songs a secret. “It was just a private hobby,” he says now. “I never saw myself as a frontman.” It was while on tour with soon to be label-mate Jessie Ware that she heard his demos, and immediately knew he’d be right at home alongside her on PMR, the home of forward-thinking, leftfield pop. If it wasn’t for her, the world might never have stumbled across this hidden gem. 

With his debut self-titled album, Dornik is set to bring something unique to the PMR roster. Brimming with classic funk-infused melodies as if heard through a mirage of electronics, Dornik’s is a kind of introverted soul. With PMR behind him, Dornik made his first appearance on the musical landscape back in 2013, with the bubbling electronic soul of “Something About You.” Over the course of the next two years, he followed this with “Rebound,” “On My Mind” and “Second Thoughts”: groove-led jams that focus around his percussionist obsession with creating addictive rhythms. It was while writing these particular songs that Dornik also found his groove with storytelling, describing his process as being like “scripting a short film.” Impressionistic yet passionate, the result is something like a film full of palm tree-fringed montages; dream sequences bleed into love scenes, with lyricism that weaves everyday observation into far-off fantasy.

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@protheleader @mocpaid2rhyme American Poets 2099 presents Shield Enforcers "Exemplary" (Official Music Video)

Pro The Leader (American Poets 2099) Orange County California & Masta of Ceremoniez(Dezert Banditz) Albuquerque New Mexico are: The Shield Enforcers. Exemplary is the first video/single release for the group Directed by Bob Daff for Bam Sukka TV dropping on July 4th. The single is produced by Skarekrow along with the rest of their album Crash Course that should be coming out soon. Be on the look out album features 2099 fam & some well known heavy hitters. The Shield Enforcers take us back to a time where beats and rhymes actually meant something.

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Burro Banton (born Donovan Spalding, December 27, 1960, Kingston, Jamaica) is a dancehall reggae deejay popular in the mid-1980s and 1990s. He is most famous for his anthem "Boom Wah Dis", which was recorded on the Steely & Clevie riddim called Street Sweeper. Burro emerged during the mid-1980s at the beginning of the digital dancehall craze started by King Jammy He is known for his very aggressive style; deep, gruff voice; and was the inspiration for many modern dancehall artists like Buju Banton, Bounty Killer, and Elephant Man. History---DJ-ing from a youth in the late 1970s, Banton would look to Ranking Joe for inspiration. It was around 1978 he first linked with the first sound system called Black Hoover, then he moved to Roots Unlimited sound system. He finally made the big time in 1982 while DJing for Gemini sound system and continued throughout 1984. Through the middle and late-1980s, he DJed for Volcano, Stero Mars and Kilamanjaro sound system, where he was featured with Super Cat and Nicodemus. He did his first recording with legendary producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes, Volcano's owner, and released his first LP in 1985. Burro Banton rode (recorded on) original riddims made with real drums and bass guitar, pre-drum machine and digital computerization. As the 1990s approached, Burro Banton continued working with Super Cat and Nicodemus. Super Cat formed the "Wild Apache" label, where Burro recorded his first recording of a #1 hit, "Boom Wah Dis." When Super Cat signed with Columbia/SME Records, Burro Banton joined forces with the ace producer Bobby Konders and the Massive B label in 1991. Here, Burro Banton recorded numerous #1 hits including "Washington Session", "Tek a Set,", "Westmoreland Sensi", and many more. Massive B released Burro's second LP, "The Original Banton", in 1995-96. When 1998 rolled around, Burro continued recording with Massive B and was sought out by Steelie and Clevie, one of Jamaica's most respected production teams. Steelie's ingeneous intuition suggested that he revoiced "Boom Wah Dis" on the deadly Street Sweeper riddim. Burro agreed and scored another #1 hit from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York to Miami and beyond. It was in heavy rotation around the world for many months in reggae and Caribbean-music circles. 2000 and Beyond Extending his recording career with Massive B in 2000, his releases titled "Politicians" on the Lickshot Rewind riddim delves into hard time in the ghetto of Kingston and wishes the politicians would keep their promises of a better life. In addition, he released "Phenomenon 2" on the Dun Dem riddim, bigging up all the ganja man. His latest efforts on Massive B's Rock, Penicillin, and Tempo riddims features a #1 European single called "Jah Jah Rules." Burro Banton has been touring constantly over the last ten years across Asia, Europe, and throughout North America. He has shared the stage with Capleton and Bounty Killer, just to name a few and stands out in his performances due to his originality.[1] Burro Banton continues to record commercially successful and critically acclaimed music, including his recent hit song Badder Den Dem, which is featured on the dedicated Massive B radio station in the videogame Grand Theft Auto IV. As well as in japan with success of “badder den dem” -japan record label faec inc has licensed Burro’s catalogue with a cd release titled “badder den dem” !!! THE LIVING LEGEND CONTINUES TO RECORD AN MAKE GREAT MUSIC !!!!!!!!