Friday, 27 September 2013

@shadecobain - Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check) (Shade Cobain Remix) #freedownload

@HyahSlyceMusic - no plastic smile #mixtape #reggae #dancehall #roots

@infinito2017 - My Answer [prod by Mixx Massacre]

Ansar styles for your Answer | Music for the Anti Slave who will never Sell out to exist, truth in African / Indigenous Music of freedom minds!
Produced by Mixx Massacre
Lyrics by Infinito 2017 
Album: Quality In Quantity by Infinito 2017 

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My Answer Video: 
Song Lyrics: Master of the microphone got rhymes fa days
Most of these dudes sound's stupid the way they use the brain
No thought pattern indirect rejects need respect
Correct ya whole notion for hosting hopeless
Hold this drop it don't got it to much passion noun
Frowns hit faces men move with hesitation fakeness
Not gone make it cowards crawl they not independent
They owned by another man another man hold they hand
Yo he not a man he a adolescent youngster premature approach
Not dope without the gun smoke coke up the nostrils
I don't kill people I'm not evil for the people lift ya fist
Get dissed disturbed moved clinical healing under medication
High on what someone tells you to do foolish lost in ya mind
Wake up don't waste rhymes time is needed to live active activity
Mine is what I give value is how I live in the use of synonyms I'm not them!

Fit words on pages command the stages demand my appointment
Own what I do you so untrue in the world of phony I make music
You talk about one day breaking out of a dream to raise your self esteem
More regard than your whole squad army legion group affiliation
All scared afraid of they own shadows it's always my hour time on your clock
Mock your whole engagement face rearrangements fix it sadness
Outside the norm you were born scorned not needed stop pleading
All you do is bite inverted men thinking dead wrong
Song for song I'm still in the public spectrum you never was
Features reserve you UN-nominated not of usage so how can I say this
Man you futile ineffective a waste of disk space mp3 performer
Not a joiner like tom that's your uncle needs influence
No care no concern no opinion saving time
Expand my own place on earth my own thought no perception
Rain like a flood dudes is less than important so what!!!

Self controller in control of self make my own answer!
Don't follow someone else, self awareness
Define my own path do what I got to do
Never follow others plans ...

Ten Years ago South Side of Chicago Conscious emcee Infinito 2017 (Marcellous Lovelace) and Chicago Dj Legend Mixx Massacre combined to make two solid projects Music with Sound Right Reasoning and To Know American which included two groundbreaking Vinyl companion albums Qualified Professional #27 (released exclusively through Fatbeats Distribution) and To Know American E.P. These projects were well received by Hip Hop aficionado of the Boom Bap styles. It's been a minute since the two have partnered together but this time they are back with Quality in Quantity, a masterful composition of well written lyrics by Infinito 2017 and captivating orchestration. Quality in Quantity is Infinito 2017's 75th album under that pseudonym (he has over 100 other albums under other aliases). This album proves that he is "one of the few examples of artists / emcees (anywhere) that are living up to the title of this album," as written on his Facebook Fan Page.

This Album has top notch quality, with positive thoughtful lyricism which has colorfully choreographed themes with styles and wordplay over multiple topics. Infinito 2017 takes above average to another plateau by being able to carefully compose thoughts over Mixx Massacres rich choppy to long sample based beats. After over 100 albums or so Infinito 2017 has proven that Quality can come in Quantity it just takes proper research to learn more about this prolific Conscious Musician who is also a well known Fine Artist / Urban Artist. Infinito 2017 also did the art work for the cover.

More info at art label twitter facebook instagram @infinito2017
Features Masai Bey, Thaione Davis, Mr. Skurge and 9th Scientist

Includes immediate download of 13-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire

album at bandcamp: 
site label:

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

@Slockent @Bramma1 - My Medz (Feel A Vibes) #dancehall #video

@LucciLoner - Innervisionz - @webuildhits @BILLDANZEMOP #video #hiphop

New video from Billy Danze of the legendary group M.O.P. We Build Hits/SONY roster West Philly Native "Lucci Loner". Follow Lucci Loner as he introduces his #GOML brand of music and continues to #SpreadLoveKillHate across the Globe. 
Please take a minute to leave your feedback.
Tell the world to 'Get On Your Level' #GOML

Saturday, 21 September 2013


@Meemee_Nelzy - MOON REFLECTION EP - #SoulMusic

Moon Reflection

by Meemee Nelzy

Moon Reflection cover art
supported by
Saneyes thumbnail

James Bond Girl 00:00 / 05:48

  • Digital Album

    Immediate download of 3-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

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"Moon Reflection" - 3 new tracks, 3 new moods but 2 typical Meemee Nelzy characteristics: a strong personality mixed with a sweet touch.
Meemee keeps on exploring her soulful universe by producing an amazing and deep house inspired song called "James Bond Girl" (she leaked the demo version a few months ago on the internet). Once again she worked with Saneyes (an original beatmaker who had already produced the track "Ola-w té yé") to create a pure love anthem "Lanmen Lanmou" (Love's hands).
Once more the icing on the cake comes from the USA with "On Favè" produced by Diggs Duke. As usual some deep thoughts can be identified behind Meemee's lyrics. "Moon Reflection" urges us to go beyond one's physical appearance by focusing on what is being displayed by one's behavior and his soul.

All lyrics: Meemee Nelzy
Music: (#1) Meemee Nelzy, (#2) Saneyes, (#3) Diggs Duke.

More Saneyes on Bandcamp:
More Diggs Duke on Bandcamp:

Thanks to the Creator.
Thanks to Annojah, Larissa Juraver , Gaëlle Gimer , Khamon , Saneyes , Diggs Duke, Williams Café , Phohat, Le 4Romain, Mo’ Design and Cedric Boucard. Thanks to my lovely husband, my family, my real fans all over the world and all the supportive media.


released 19 September 2013
(P) & © 2013 Yumi Empress Music

Executive Producer : Meemee Nelzy

Background vocals and arrangements : Meemee Nelzy and (#1 Meemee Nelzy & Williams Café)
Recorded and mixed by Williams Café at Cazanm Studio (Guadeloupe, F.W.I.).
Mastered by Phohat (Paris, France).

Art direction, Design & Photography : Larissa Juraver & Steeve « Khamon » Cazaux Photography and Annojah
Make Up: Gaëlle Gimer for amazon’e’art
Typo Artwork: Le 4Romain

Available soon on iTunes, amazon etc.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

@CassoBlax - Feel so cold - #video @TeamCasso

Dice Recordings artist Casso Blax "Feel so cold" Produced by Rapsz Katai
From the new mixtape "Dickheads & Skets" out September 
Directed by Quason Matthews

@WE_R_BLACKBOX S3 Ep. 101 @BowzaUK #ukhh #rap

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013


@snarky_puppy ft @NDambi - Deep (Family Dinner - Volume One)

from Snarky Puppy's live DVD/CD - "Family Dinner - Volume One"
available for purchase at /

written by N'Dambi & Madukwu Chinwah
produced by Michael League
co-produced by Snarky Puppy
arranged by Michael League & Mike "Maz" Maher
recorded and filmed at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke, VA, on March 8, 2013.

N'Dambi Blue - guest vocalist
Robert "Sput" Searight - drums
Nate Werth - percussion
Michael League - bass
Bob Lanzetti - electric guitar
Mark Lettieri - baritone guitar
Cory Henry - keyboards
Bill Laurance - piano (solo)
Jay Jennings - trumpet 
Mike "Maz" Maher - trumpet 
Chris Bullock - bass clarinet
Chelsea "Peaches" West - backing vocals
Katya Diaz - backing vocals
Rachella Searight - backing vocals

engineered by Eric Hartman
assisted by Avi Gunther & Jake Dempsey
mixed by Eric Hartman
mastered by Scott Hull
film directed by Andy LaViolette
filmed by Andy LaViolette, Brad Holt, Simon C.F. Yu, and Nikki Birch

On March 8th, 2013, Snarky Puppy and a host of special guests convened at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke VA. The project was to record a series of live performances in audio and video that would bring attention and benefit to the ongoing work of the center. The Jefferson Center is a non-profit arts organization that is revitalizing a key neighborhood in Roanoke with the restoration of Jefferson High School and the renovation of the Shaftman Performance Hall. The hall brings world class music to the local community through the Music Lab, providing education and recording space for local children.

The Music Lab at Jefferson Center is working daily to pull from every social and economic class of the Roanoke community and create the next wave of real, human musicians. They host low cost or free after-school programs for any interested young people filled with visits by guest artists, private instrumental instruction, and recording training. Wafting out of the little studios and rehearsal rooms on the third floor of Jefferson Center, you can hear Afro-beat in Swahili, hip-hop in Liberian Kreyol, the blues coming from the guitar of a 13 year-old prodigy, and the undeniable sound of young musicians growing. It's a thing that needs to be supported at all costs across this country, and by purchasing this record, you've done it.

A portion of every sale will go to the Music Lab at Jefferson Center.

Monday, 16 September 2013

@Mr_VNova - Cold Shoulder ft. Malcah #video

VNova's Cold Shoulder is the first single from his street album "Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 2". The song is featuring Malcah and produced by Sean Don for #KilltheProducer Productions. The video is directed and edited by VNova and Wit. 

To download the song:

@iamCainTemps - TRUTH - #AUDIO #SPLASH

Sunday, 15 September 2013

@Grimey_MicPol - By your side @PacmanTV #VIDEO #RAP #UK


NEW video off the Almost still brand new LIGHTHOUSE lp by G&D, SOS getting stronger erryday!! #iTunes

@FivenSix ft @LPobidansta - Walk With Me - #uk #rap #hiphop

5n6 - Walk With Me ft. Lil Pobidansta + studio freestyle
twitter: @fivensix @LPobidansta
instagram: 5n6

Original British Hip Hop

5n6 - Walk With Me ft. Lil Pobidansta



I seen my Sun murder Jack Frost, Natural living...
(Natural Living)
I carry a plant no man made but at a cost
Night moves through the gutter like a fox
and a hound, who hold the glocks in this town?
It's the cops and the clowns. 
In between the lines, some are lost and many found.
Wanna be boss? Get buried down.
I just keep my head down.
Perfect my craft and speak up loud,
but some are soft and need a crowd...
I got my fists and my mouth,
Got these bars their coming out,
I be hittin' n spittin' n lickin' them down, 
Stickin' the paper like Swisha I'm rollin' n smokin' 
em' out, smoking up pounds, 
Mixing them sounds...I turned it right down,
When sneaking round town, sneaking round snitches
Don't know what I'm bout' 
Five and Six visions of clouds, sightings of smoke
I'm hanging Emcees Pobi get me the rope!
My shit is real dope like the beat making Pope
and I beat man to pulp! 
Crack open the yolk! You had some bars but now your all choke!
Sit in your flat drinking coke, your tyres are flat watch a real nigga float!
Your an X Factor nigga with no votes! You want the Juice, but couldn't cope
"Your like a teacher with a posh throat!", Underground like a mole
Dumpin' rounds, don't play a role! Don't play around, fell down a hole.
You had some cards, but now I see you're all FOLD!

5n6 (Chorus)

Come walk with me through the valley where no shadow exists
Real life, some times we're all taking risks.
Pound the pavement for pounds and payment, what's your mental state?
Come walk with me through the valley of the shadow of death
Sometimes we're all taking risks
Pound the pavement for pounds and pay, what's your mental state?

Lil Pobidansta:

I had to jump on the track with my cousin 5n6,
Well we're G's we got sticks, we'll release on you pricks,
I got G's in this town, Luton man them they hold it down!
But in music I hold the crown. 
I'm so high... I'm so fly...
It must be the cheese and thai that I breathed inside to ease my life
cos pagans on the road are moving cold wanna see me die! 
Why?! Well come and try! ...but I ain't on no beef ting..
But violate and the heat rings!!
Rollin with gunman and cousin Stephen AKA Five and Six!
It's Lil Pobidansta I'm known in the bits 
if you see it on my chest then in your head it will stick
(...It will stick, it will stick)
People try and test me, people think that theyre hard! 
People think they're badman, but they will get scarred! 
Cos I don't cause beef but when the beef comes
It's peak to cause the beef done, 
You see He, and the heat, RUN! but it's too late cos three guns
In your face! "talk shit bro?! you're wasted!" 
Now YOU'RE wasted!

(Filmed in Luton Town)
Original (Sample Free) Music Production: 5n6
Album: Parameters (Summer 2013)
Executive Producer: Simon Watling
Director/Edited: Stephen Fivensix
Camera Operator: Adam Edgar
Fivensix Productions
Copyight 2013 - Fivensix Productions

@iamdjbutter talks to @officialmadukes about a #jdilla film in the works

Ma Dukes aka Maureen Yancey paid a visit to Detroit’s In The Mix Show with DJ Butter to talk about J Dilla‘s legacy and the future of the music with Kemotherapy andMr. Diplomat. She offers a few hints at what is coming for the next Dilla Day Detroitand discusses meeting with Erykah BaduCommon and other close friends of late producer committed to carrying the torch. She also talks about her relationship withHouse Shoes since Dilla’s passing and clarifies rumors of a misunderstanding between them related to the representation and handling of his works and legacy. Check the footage below to get the full scoop from Ma Dukes on In The Mix Show.

@braydz - Devil May Cry - #Mixtape #uk #hiphop #rap

Saturday, 7 September 2013

@CeeLoGreen @GippGoodie @KhujoGoodie @Tmogoodie1 @GoodieMobMusic FT @JanelleMonae - SPECIAL EDUCATION #VIDEO

From the album Age Against The Machine - NOW AVAILABLE
iTunes: CD: 
Amazon MP3:

Director: John Colombo
Goodie Mob is: CeeLo Green, Big Gipp, Khujo, T-Mo
On Tour August/September 2013 -- Details at:

Watch all official Goodie Mob videos on YouTube here:

Connect with Goodie Mob:

@thisisangel @thisisastar @iamCainTemps @official_omd @emansantanna_gmt The West Was One - I Ain't Worried Bout Nothin' [Remix] #UK

@WeBuildHits @Caktuz "Supahbaaddddd!" ft. Showdown #VIDEO

The Carolina Blues Traveler, Caktuz, performs his single "Supahbaaddddd!" (© 2013 AMAS/We Build Hits/SONY Red)

Directed by Caktuz & Inf Mega for AMAS/WBH/SONY Red
Featuring model Dyesha Hicks
Special thanks to the Ghetto Coalition Motorcycle Club, Untamed Ryderz MC, & Crazy Pistons MC of NYC for assistance and appearances.

For more info visit

@Caktuz @InfMega @DyeshaHicks @jusDYEalready @pwrdby_AMAS @WeBuildHits @SonyMusicGlobal @BillDanzeMOP


Visuals to "Bloodclot", new single off the #BadAssDame Mixtape dropping SOON!!
Directed & Edited by @NextDayEnt


Go head baby
ya jigglin baby
Go head baby

Im all about the cash pot
Can I stash somethin
What the blood clot
Lookin for ya girl to make it happen
They say fuck the singin do the rappin
We can take it back to 05 if u wanna start actin like u live
Cz back then
I would eat a half then
I would drink a fifth then
I would smoke a spliff
Then we could start the party cz we aint even hardly feel it kick in yet u kno we on some shit
Now im on the books im legit
Sign the check make it quick
U save it I flip
Turn it to a grip
Ur investment made u sick 
While im illin on a trip
narcotics in the hooka
And they say the root of
All evil is money
I only hear that from broke people
U couldnt Rob me if ur name was Bobby
Im makin money and im talkin shit like its a hobby
Bitch claim u bad but you not
Truth is u really wish u had what I got
N what I got goin on sting ya chest like a shot
Thats my fault
Every time you hear my name its rock salt
Im rockin w my cock out
I never win by default
the term is verbal assault 
Killin shit 
spit that chrome n metal shit
No beef I just setteled it 
Listen up 
Im a loud bitch u can hear when im thinkin
My sound
Got a strong aroma u can hear when im stinking
The whole fuckin place
need to fix ya fuckin face
Since they let me out the cage i just lock down n shake
Tell my life like a stori
Aint no one in my lane 
Let the whole world kno my fuckin name