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CAMEEN #RNB Singer @Cameen23 @beatsrymesblog

Born Cameen Matthew Copeland March 23, in Brooklyn, New York to an African American mother  before later moving to the suburbs of  New Hampshire. Cameen became interested in music at an early age. He was able to develop his singing ability while working closely with his cousin, prolific jazz session bass player William Allen. As a teenager Cameen’s interest gravitated towards sports. This would lead to his sharing of co-mvp honors in New Hampshire’s High School State Soccer Championship, as well as garnering a position on the all tournament 2nd team.
Shortly there after Cameen would attend St.John’s University of Queens, New York. However, due to an untimely incident, which would leave him slightly impaired. His stay at St. John’s would be cut short. He then returned to New Hampshire where he received his Bachelors degree in Marketing and Sociology from Rivier College. Upon graduating Cameen started a business entitled CKC Entertainment Group LLC/CC Elite Urban Wear. The company freely promotes social events, product branding, their own Clothing line and special charities of all kinds.
Cameen’s love of music never stopped. And, in 2009 he would collaborate with a group of other highly inspired artist. Unfortunately, it never amounted to much. He then decided to take some time off to focus on writing and learning more about the business aspect of the music industry. This would ultimately lead to the July 2010 album release entitled “ Cameen.”
Coming off the success of “Cameen” and determined to create even more of a buzz. Cameen began spreading his company paraphernalia (Tee shirts, Baseball caps, Sport Tags, CDs, Posters and Bags) throughout New England and down south. This activity created a whirlwind amongst his fans, who were then asking for more. It would eventually lead to Cameen’s Sophomore album entitled “LuvJoy”, which was re-released Aug 7th. It, “luvJoy” clearly depicts Cameen’s lifelong connection to Urban R&B and Jazz. And, the sense of style, melody, deep emotional songwriting, and memorable hooks make “LuvJoy”, an incredibly dynamic album to listen to. Two of the albums most notable singles, “Play”, and “Get It On-Remix”, are currently burning up the radio and club airwaves, and can be listened to and purchased here on the website along with other bonus material.  Currently Cameen is working on material for his third release and preparing for his 2012 tour. Each month until June/July 2012 he will release a snip-it of a each single that will be part of his next release. Please stay tuned for more…….
July 2012.
The release of the EP entitled ” The Next Level “, has been a major  success. Four of the six singles, My Wisdom, Go Away, Do You Wanna & Arrogant ” Cuz I Can ” have done extremely well in the clubs and on radio stations. The single which truly has people buzzing is ” My Wisdom ”  .  Cameen takes you there with his vocals and his lyrical depiction of a woman of the world! If you haven’t already heard it. Go to iTunes and listen to the sample.. Simply type in The Next Level by Cameen. The sample will definitely make you want to listen to the entire song…Since releasing the EP, which I have to admit, is volumes above his last release.  Cameen has embarked on a number of  performance opportunities in Canada, Atlanta and New York City. And he’s received multiple publishing offers. This Ep is definitely one that can be listened to from top to bottom. You will enjoy it!

@FarrahBurns Hip Hop Tribute New York State of Mind Farrah Burns Presents 7th Element

Trey Billie ft. Waju - She Love's Me Not

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CG - 40 Days and 40 Nights #Yizzo @beatsrymesblog #uk

Act I of the 3 chapter short film directed by CG based off of his album EGO2: Eat. Love. Pray. Available for download at Follow @iAm_CG and @TeamYizzo.
Shot by Josh Prosser, Dolo Brown, and Adrian Andrade. Song produced by @5thElament with vocals by Ethan White. Written and Directed by CG.

Prince Pin – We Nuh Tek Disrespect – @beatsrymesblog

Artist: Prince Pin
[Song]: WI NUH TEK DISRESPECT (Official HD Music Video)
Director: J.Dash
[Release Date]: Dec 2012

For Bookings and Info Contact
Skype: Cross.Cris
BBM: 293A7B74
Mobile: (876) 3695596

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J Bizness - Giraffes - @beatsrymesblog #video #music

Since taking off this past August, J. Bizness' instrumental album Flight Plan has gotten much mileage with fans and critics alike. The album, the first in Mello Music Group's Instrumental Series, is a collection of 24 selections with a crisp, spacey sound inspired by the freedom of flight. 

Back when Flight Plan dropped, as a celebratory bonus, MMG leaked a track by The Black Opera over one of J.'s heatrocks. The result was "Giraffes," a testament to the sinister seduction of addiction. Now the involved parties are proud to share the visuals for "Giraffes," directed by Andy Madeleine. The video features our perpetually loc'd out duo narrating the story of a fine young woman descending into the habit of getting high. Over J.'s smooth, electronic and airy production, TBO's morality tale is a banger. 

Combining talents, two of MMG's finest come together to make material to stand the test of time. Both J. Bizness' Flight Plan and The Black Opera's Libretto: of King Legend are both available now.

Monet -Hold Me Sweetly @beatsrymesblog #soul #video

Monet’s musical repertoire is diverse with influences drawn from jazz, neo-soul, latin, classical, folk, house and funk. Fundamentally, however, her sound is purely rooted in organic soul. The influences are a glorious amalgamation of Marvin Gaye, Joni Mitchell, Bob Marley, Sade and Hubert Laws. Surrounded by multiple genres of music by both parents - her mother a doo-wop singer and her father a manager of jazz and Latin artists. Monet's - musical roots run deep. Monet also plays guitar, oboe , piccolo and piano. One would be remiss not to mention Monet’s various film credits including acting and directing. This is a resume full of aesthetic discovery. check out her brand spanking new video below and share where possibles Tha General Salutes Monet.....

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SOAK RIDDIM - INNA MI HOUSE MUSIC @beatsrymesblog 2012 #dancehall

This riddim features Bencil, Charly Black, Demarco, Rdx, Tiana, Spice, Voicemail  SUPPORT OUR DANCEHALL MUSIC BIG BAD SOAK RIDDIM NOW AVAILBLE ON ITUNES, BUY LINK Here  download it here from I-tunes salute

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PARIZ 1 #UK FEMALE RAPPER @beatsrymesblog

The 1st lady is back, so if you were too young to know, lost your way or thought you entered the
room first..... here's the reminder of who opened the door....

Born and raised in Nottingham Carmella Minto aged 16 started to write bars. By the time she turned 20 Carmella now know as Pariz-1 signed with STREETDREAMS ENTERTAINMENT.
In 2006Pariz-1 was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, she took time out to be a mum and write
from a new perspective. Late 2010 Pariz returned to music touring with band REVEREND & THE MAKERS, 3 months
later Pariz set off to New YorkCity to follow up recording opportunities, while in NYC Pariz 1
appeared on DJ G.MONEY's radio show in Queens Back in LONDON Pariz was invited by C4 to be a part of RAPPIN AT THE ROYAL which involved her writing as part of a team who had been selected to create an original theatre piece for performance to be held at STRATFORD EAST THEARTRE. It was a hit!
Pariz1 packed her bag and took up opportunity to perform in FRANCE and AUSTRIA onher return
came shows in LONDON,  SHEFFIELD, MANCHESTER, MIDDLESBOROUGH, BRISTOL, GLASGOW,DUBLIN and then back to her old stomping ground in NOTTINGHAM. With no management in place  Pariz-1 had her work cut out, booked to perform at the 1XTRA HOMEGROWN held in BIRMINGHAM and then to be invited to perform at WOMEN IN HIP-  HOP at the ROYAL FESTIVAL HALL.
It's time to take stock... PARIZ-1 is the 1st of long line of talented female rappers, she is featured in
various music based DVDS, CD COMPILATIONSincluding DARK & COLD-INDUSTRY
PARIZ-1 has been busy working on the long awaited 16 track album called THE BAKERY
SESSIONS -WIB'Z WEDNESDAYproduced by NUTTY P recorded at THE BAKERY and an EP
called FROM PARIZWITH LOVE produced by A.C LAYNEwith features from KYZA
SMIRNOFF formally of TERRAFIRMA and CRIME & BROWN who are HOT new artists from
West London.
Look out for the lasted news, reviews and interviews in the run up the highly anticipated new album
from THE 1st LADY-PARIZ1
For Bookings and information please contact Marlena Harris at

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THAIONE DAVIS - Hypnotize- @beatsrymesblog

Thaioine Davis - Hypnotize
produced by Rashid Hadee
directed by Dave Galaxie for Justanothercanvas
taken from the album Thaione Davis - The Joys of Life & Pain

vimeo link:
twitter/fb: thaionedavis

Infinito 2017 - Evil Ones - @beatsrymesblog (prod by Mixx Massacre)

Evil Ones don't want to see you prosper, that's why you must destroy evil with something that's useful. Its okay to create conscious music and have a positive message, when its all said and done Quality in Quantity is about giving the world something good to hold on to for years to come! 

album - Quality in Quantity on Joe Left Hand Records (a label that makes Jealous Ones Envious "Fat Joe") 


From the soul of many men send this to the people
Can't hear straight we allowed what happened only once
On the hunt for something great take what we need
Feed the children save they soul from the grasp
Pass the message through the grape vine
Marvin tried to tell you mental illness is the condition
Will not sale out won't assimilate take the cat
Save the soul from her foul thoughts ruthless behavior
Read this page take the people to a new state free em all
Let them know it's more out here than one killing another
So for the life of me we contribute this dedication
For the love not for fame success is fan based
Never asked to be liked people decide good or bad
Sending kids back to the lab but no return

buy album at: 

access hip hop - (physical cds)
bandcamp -
amazon - -

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Sean J. Rankine @beatsrymesblog #uk #neosoul singer

Man i have to send a big shout out to sean for reaching out monster song enjoy uk neo soul in da house salute..

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ASKALA SELASSIE - LOVE YOU ALWAYS @beatsrymesblog Official Video - 2012 #Reggae

New music sensation Askala Selassie has taken the reggae industry by storm. 
With her outstanding pure vocals, heartfelt song writing ability and captivating smile.
This amazing female has yet another gem on the horizon; Askala has a brand new music video with a beautiful love story. Love you always is another remarkably well written song by Askala Selassie, and is available on her EP which is out now as a free download. Love you always music video is due to be released 14th October 2012, directed by Pierpaolo Ingrassia of Clip cut media, one of Italy's leading music video directors. Ingrassia has a wealth of experience in television broadcasting, and currently works for the largest renowned Italian TV network based in Rome, as a Producer/director. Pierpaolo was also the director of Askala Selassie's second amazing video for single Put JAH first. The video for Love you always was shot in a picturesque location in the stunning South of Italy. The beautiful city of Ostuni -- Otherwise known as the white city because of it astounding architecture, this was the ideal location to set the scene for the love you always story to unfold. The video features Taranto's number one reggae artist Fido Guido. Fido Guido plays the courting bachelor in this video of romance, which ends in the famous Jamaica bar based in Taranto. Askala Selassie - this dynammic singer is here!!!



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Kym Hamilton @beatsrymesblog #dancehall #reggae #artist #jamaica

It's taken nearly two years but Kym Hamilton, the artist formerly known as Gaza Kim is ready to add her refreshing sound to the Reggae/ Dancehall Industry. By the time she'd been "discovered" by Vybz Kartel as a teenager, Kym had already had some success in televised talent Competitions in Jamaica like the famed Digicel Rising Stars, Tastees Talent Search and Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. Before that she'd tasted local success winning medals as a member of her School Choir.
In 2008 she was introduced to Kartel who opined at the time – "Kim has the ability to go very very far in the music business". To this end he signed her to a management deal with his then fledgeling Gaza Empire and promptly gave her the stage name Gaza Kim.
'Teenage Pregnancy', ' Amen', 'Bills' (also Ft: Lisa Hype), and a remake of Shabba Ranks' 'Twice My Age' with her then mentor, Kartel and 'I Love You' served to consolidate her promise as a hit maker. Unfortunately, the union was dissolved after an incident involving members of the Gaza entourage and Kim and her brother left the singer hospitalized and seeking to sever all ties with the "Empire". "Sometimes I try to avoid that name", Revealed Kym in an interview in England, "But it's the name that got me into the music business."
She then approached Bounty Killer – an artist renowned for recognizing and nurturing young talent -at a nightclub in Kingston. The artist who was already aware of Kim directed her to his in-house Producer and engineer, Austin 'Kevin' Green of Payday Music. The Grammy Award-winning producer who incidentally shared a birthday with her received her with open arms. With that she would become an affiliate of Bounty Killer's Alliance organization and released tracks like 'Haffi Come Back', 'Bubble', 'When We're Apart', 'Whine Pon It', 'Hush and 'Got To Go Right Now'. "Right now I just see myself as Kym Hamilton – some people call me Alliance Kym. When I go to certain places and I'm expecting them to call me 'Kym Hamilton' or 'Alliance Kym' – they're sticking with the 'Gaza Kim' and…. I don't know….. Right now I'm just going for the fans! – If you want to call me Gaza Kim you call me Gaza Kim! If you want to call me Alliance Kym – you call me Alliance Kym – I am one person and I will answer!
I guess I'll just have to accept it because it's the birth name."
In August 2011 Kym was nominated for the Best International Female Artist Award at the British Reggae Awards with two of her sheroes – Tanya Stephens and Queen Ifrica. Just to be nominated with those ladies alone after the long journey she'd had to reach there felt like a win in itself! So regardless of the outcome you can rest assured that Kym will still be smiling.

Follow her manager twitter here 
Follow Kym Here
for bookings

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@CarlaThomas74 - Sunshine #neosoul #uk #soul

London based neo-soul singer Carla Thomas readies her debut EP, with a brand new track entitled “Sunshine”, which is now available to listen to on YouTube. 
The former backing singer for soul legend Alexander O’Neal, is also preparing a tour to accompany the release in 2013. 
Born and raised in Leicester, Carla’s interests for the arts started at an early age of 3 years old. Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz tap and Drama continued right through to her teenage years. As you kno when it comes to neo soul music i dont play this is one lady u need to look out for Carla Thomas Tha General salutes you listen to the song below 

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KALANO @beatsrymesblog @KalanoDRula Jamaican artist

Growing up in the streets of Kingston 13, Jamaica, Jermaine Anderson also known as 'Kalano' could always envision his future as a leader & visionary in and of music. His earliest association with music started about the age of seven while being around his uncle Earl Turner (known to many as Biggy) one of dancehall’s  hottest fashion designers. At that time Biggy was designing for the likes of Shabba Ranks, Buju banton, Pinchers, and other pioneers of the nineties who all had a influence on his career decision. 
1997 Mona High School in St.  Andrew,  Jamaica,  was where he really discovered how powerful his words were. Kalano would be found on the school grounds with friends ‘toasting’ and beating on the class desks to create various rhythms attracting students sometimes even teachers to stop and take listen. These moments in time were contributing factors that helped to mould the type of artiste that Kalano would grow to become. His career started as a rapper as he and his friends Chillz, Avalanch & G.Cash  joined and formed the group Fo5ifth(Who is today still the biggest and best rap group in Jamaica). At the time the group was working with super producer the late and much respected Daniel‘Blaxx’Lewis who was responsible for some of dancehalls biggest hits. After high school Kalano decided to explore the dancehall aspect of his talent, having  his fans identify with his real, unbiased and undeniable wit. The other members of Fo5ifth were in agreement with Kalano’s transition.
Kalano continued to work closely with good friend and producer extra-ordinaire, Dre-Day and continued to perform where ever he went while consistently pulling crowds intrigued to listen. He went on to work with a few known names and labels in the business and patiently awaiting the right opportunity to have his music reach the people of the dancehall in Jamaica and throughout the diaspora.  This daunting task was managed seemingly effortlessly by Kalano as he maintained his cool lyrical swag nurtured from his rapping days fused with the edgy, raw sting that is dancehall music. His unorthodox style of expressing dancehall culture caught the eyes ears and minds of many with songs such as “Zion Train” & “Angels” which were produced by ‘Columbian’.
  Kalano's music exemplifies the struggles and triumphs of the Jamaican man. His music seeks to renew the vision and focus for today’s youth who have lost hope and direction, it reaches out to those who are seeking new avenues of motivation & upliftment.
Currently Kalano' has renewed his focus and is now set on establishing himself as a household name by not only strengthening his current fan base but also expanding it towards a wider audience.