Monday, 29 October 2012

Infinito 2017 - Evil Ones - @beatsrymesblog (prod by Mixx Massacre)

Evil Ones don't want to see you prosper, that's why you must destroy evil with something that's useful. Its okay to create conscious music and have a positive message, when its all said and done Quality in Quantity is about giving the world something good to hold on to for years to come! 

album - Quality in Quantity on Joe Left Hand Records (a label that makes Jealous Ones Envious "Fat Joe") 


From the soul of many men send this to the people
Can't hear straight we allowed what happened only once
On the hunt for something great take what we need
Feed the children save they soul from the grasp
Pass the message through the grape vine
Marvin tried to tell you mental illness is the condition
Will not sale out won't assimilate take the cat
Save the soul from her foul thoughts ruthless behavior
Read this page take the people to a new state free em all
Let them know it's more out here than one killing another
So for the life of me we contribute this dedication
For the love not for fame success is fan based
Never asked to be liked people decide good or bad
Sending kids back to the lab but no return

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