Friday, 5 October 2012

KALANO @beatsrymesblog @KalanoDRula Jamaican artist

Growing up in the streets of Kingston 13, Jamaica, Jermaine Anderson also known as 'Kalano' could always envision his future as a leader & visionary in and of music. His earliest association with music started about the age of seven while being around his uncle Earl Turner (known to many as Biggy) one of dancehall’s  hottest fashion designers. At that time Biggy was designing for the likes of Shabba Ranks, Buju banton, Pinchers, and other pioneers of the nineties who all had a influence on his career decision. 
1997 Mona High School in St.  Andrew,  Jamaica,  was where he really discovered how powerful his words were. Kalano would be found on the school grounds with friends ‘toasting’ and beating on the class desks to create various rhythms attracting students sometimes even teachers to stop and take listen. These moments in time were contributing factors that helped to mould the type of artiste that Kalano would grow to become. His career started as a rapper as he and his friends Chillz, Avalanch & G.Cash  joined and formed the group Fo5ifth(Who is today still the biggest and best rap group in Jamaica). At the time the group was working with super producer the late and much respected Daniel‘Blaxx’Lewis who was responsible for some of dancehalls biggest hits. After high school Kalano decided to explore the dancehall aspect of his talent, having  his fans identify with his real, unbiased and undeniable wit. The other members of Fo5ifth were in agreement with Kalano’s transition.
Kalano continued to work closely with good friend and producer extra-ordinaire, Dre-Day and continued to perform where ever he went while consistently pulling crowds intrigued to listen. He went on to work with a few known names and labels in the business and patiently awaiting the right opportunity to have his music reach the people of the dancehall in Jamaica and throughout the diaspora.  This daunting task was managed seemingly effortlessly by Kalano as he maintained his cool lyrical swag nurtured from his rapping days fused with the edgy, raw sting that is dancehall music. His unorthodox style of expressing dancehall culture caught the eyes ears and minds of many with songs such as “Zion Train” & “Angels” which were produced by ‘Columbian’.
  Kalano's music exemplifies the struggles and triumphs of the Jamaican man. His music seeks to renew the vision and focus for today’s youth who have lost hope and direction, it reaches out to those who are seeking new avenues of motivation & upliftment.
Currently Kalano' has renewed his focus and is now set on establishing himself as a household name by not only strengthening his current fan base but also expanding it towards a wider audience.

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