Wednesday, 4 September 2013

@Momomusik - Monique Danielle - #soul #singer from the #uk #soulmusic lean more about her

Singer/songwriter Monique Danielle was born in Birmingham, England 6th Feb 1992. She has been singing since she came out of the womb and performing since the age of 6 at venues starting from school talent shows, chalets in the French Alpes to widespread outdoor concerts. In 2011 Monique moved to France where she met her first Jazz influence whilst performing at ‘the Kaktus’ where she was put in contact with World renowned Jazz artist Kristin Marion. She proceeded to embark on intense vocal training classes with Kristin and her partner Philippe Martel…learning to infuse Jazz with her Neo-soul/R'n'B background. In 2012 Monique returned to England and embarked on a project with up-and coming boy group Mercia ...where she worked as a collaborative songwriter and ghost vocalist. 
Monique-Danielle is currently embarking on her own musical journey writing her own music as her own artist. Inspired by soul, Rn'B, country and traditional African genres, Monique succeeded in creating her own unique Neo-soul sound. Her newest single ‘Remember Me’, (available for free download) written and performed by Monique, has a strong Jazz influence. This is complimented by her talented production counterpart SJ Reid. It exhibits the coming together of the different genres that the 21 year old has adapted in to her creativity. Monique is currently working on a library of her own music collaborations with various different artists and producers.
She prides herself on being an honest and soulful artist, drawing influences from personal experience and pushes to ‘evoke the feelings that I feel when I listen to good music,’ whilst striving to be ‘relatable with longevity, to show the love of music not the love of fame’.

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