Saturday, 7 September 2013

@ApexZero00 FT @HasanSalaam @braydz - A Meeting Of The Continents PRODUCED BY DJ FORTUNE #HIPHOP

London's Apex Zero releases his debut solo album "Reality Provoking Liberation" on 28th October
In the main produced by Apex himself and fellow First and Last member OMeziah , the release is full of powerful lyricism and skilled wordplay, the trademarks of the best in UK hip hop over the decades.
The new single "A Meeting of the Continents" brings together the United States, UK and Africa in personnel and subject matter. Produced by DJ Fortune, Apex is joined by New Jersey's Hasan Salaam and north London's newest member of Triple Darkness, Iron Braydz. Fierce flows convey a strong sentiment from all three Emcees throughout, and compliment Fortune's slick beat

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