Sunday, 18 August 2013

@VixSambi - Don't Fly Away feat Tariq Khan(Legacy) #UK #RNB

Vix Sambi is an R & B artist from Berkshire. Born in 1987 he has been singing and had a passion for music from a young age as he recalls dancing and singing to Michael Jackson (Billie Jean). Also Vix loves performing live and singing his own material. He now has moved onto working with various artists and producers such as NVP, SIMON PAYNE, RSK, TARIQ KHAN (LEGACY) and has his own fresh material and part of RUPTURE UK (DAVE BLACKMAN). He also enjoys writing his own material as he has written and co produced his recent track (DON'T FLY AWAY) view the new music video to for DON'T FLY AWAY!!. Also he has written lyrics for other artists and helps other artists with there tracks, arranging and putting together a full track. He is also helping a new artist to the music scene KIRSTY WALKER who has a powerful soulful voice. Keep and eye out!
Vix has tracks out such as
(DO U MIND, BREATHE, FLY SO HIGH) and he's also working on new song's that are planned to be released soon.
Vix has performed at many venues such as OXFORD JUBILEE, MISS INDIA UK FINALS 2011, MISS INDIA FINALS NORTH, ARABS FASHION SHOW AWARDS, HORNCHURCH FESTIVAL, MANCHESTER DONLEY, SLOUGH COMMUNITY GATHERING and many charity events for the MISS INDIA finalists and many more charity events to raise money. Performing also alongside with many well known artists in the ASIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY such as (BALWINDER SAFRI, DCS. He has had his songs played by over 11 radio stations spread out in the U.S and still counting as his music spreads. Vix has also been in the top 20 on the REVERBNATION RnB charts.
Keep track where his next performances are and his upcoming project, singles.
Also keep upto date with his progress and how he's battling his way through to the top.

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