Monday, 11 November 2013

@Pariz1 Wibz Wednesdays the Bakery sessions #review @MyNameIsNuttyP

I ain't gonna tell you No  lie but we have been waiting for this drop for a min and we got to thank god that the wait was worth it truss me on that so who is Pariz 1 you ask??? all I'm saying if u Neva know about the infamous street dreams then you ain't know lover of real underground UK rap music go and research. Wibz Wednesdays the Bakery sessions the new instalments from Pariz 1 Productions from one of my fave producers in the UK Nutty P the CD drops with I'M REAL with her caressing that hard beat then the CD goes into WHAT YOU MUST DO,  now this joint kept my head banging for a minute GET IN WHERE YOU FItTIN featuring JAI this why we still rate her as one of the hardest female around. IT'S YOU & I COME AROUND also TROUBLE AND STRIFE FT NUTTY P HA trust me one of UKS leading female rappers so go and support the project and download the CD  PRESS AND DOWNLOAD HERE 

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