Monday, 6 October 2014

@locksmithsldn OUT OF SIGHT #MIXTAPE #UKHIPHOP #UKRAPS #review

Out of Sight the #mixtape
This mixtape was brought to you by west London's Zush aka Johnny Boy and Syxx aka Luke Cage aka the Brick Titans. Trust me when I tell you that the mixtape has 22 tracksfull of songs and freestyles that is hard as steel anyway going through the cd with the team and all of us are banging our heads then track 5 drops IMPOSTER'S all I can say Zush and Syxx says it how it is also they smash it hard with the track IN THE BACK  now that is a beats rymes and basslines flavour right there on repeat. Ladies we they ain't forgot about you they got a joint LOYAL and MIDNIGHT THING also MISS INTOXICATION. Trust me since linking up with them manz from burgundy bricks west London they been getting harder and better so if you like them rela raps and hip hop UK flavour you gonna love this CD so go and download it now and turn that volume uppp and disturb them neighbours and let em know UK real raps is still alive!!!!!!

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