Thursday, 16 May 2013

@malkovichmusic - LIES - #VIDEO #rap #hiphop #epic #iran #lax


produced by EVILLDEWER 

the weight of the world weighing on my brain 
in pain, I've been paying since my first name 
what's the saying? life's a bitch, nah, it's what you make it, nah 
it is what it is, that's my statement 
put the world in a word? I would have to say patience 
and we wonder why we call them patients 
everything was a game and now all you got's the doc and this clock 
I think the metaphor is heaven's door 
knock and listen for some /kinda echo back but I heard it's just black 
don't tell me that, tell me you saw paradise, clear blue skies 
tell me you saw Christ, tell me lies 
we got spies but the ones who know for sure switched sides 
and reside somewhere out there, and left us all down here 
we're living in dead folk's dreams, in between 
what they've seen is obscene, and its coming for us too 
till then, may your glass always be half full 

Its been easy livin and I ain't scared to die. now that's a lie. 

never was carefree, G, never me 
only social when my cup's full, liquor calms the beast 
but it brings another one out, so I live between demons 
look close at my face and you can see em like lesions 
don't claim no allegiance to no prince or no regents 
no religion or no regions, no rhyme or no reasons 
that line in the sand's deceiving, it blows out with the seasons 
so I change with the wind, we stay in agreeance 
been waiting for these winds to ease up 
but if I wait any longer I'm gonna freeze up, so ante up, we up 
them variables'll bury you, you let em, so forget em 
just pay no attention to the tension, not a mention 
life's layers, none disappear 
each new one push the old ones deeper till death gives you a breather
and I ain't eager to see St Peter 
so tell his ass I'ma see ya when I see ya, not a second too soon neither 

peace to Sam Cooke, all the soul singers 
couldn't have seen all the trouble this life'd bring ya 
laughed when kids sang their carols, staying straight and narrow 
ain't know we'd pay for our curious nature 
apples fall close to the tree, I see, swore my dad'd never be me 
now here I am, an exile in myself, lock and key 
but this cage here, I made it, it's some shit I created 
and all I gotta do to break it is believe I'm free 
that's the trick ain't it, the only one that matters 
till I figure it out, fall back, cuz I got my own madness 
in this world of blackadders and ladders, then lights out 
why you acting like you know what happens? why doubt? 
eight tenths of this don't make sense, but that's belief though 
believe and it becomes real, that's all you need to know.

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